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Street martial arts. Several words about protection against a knife and knife fight.  See details »

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  • 00:00: next topic which I wanted discuss which wanted to express his the opinion is just here protection against knife which is so much speak at all forms and appears lots of specialists who fever of defense against decrease exists if on you with a knife and I fall there arm and confront form example against a knife on wives are there to take the regiment you know what else better laundry Kalashnikov automatic rifle I think there will be much better against depression any other even higher of course, losses come on like me friend says eyes do not ask then you can pick out the question is this
  • 00:30: situation 5 substitution the conditions of the problem with solving the problem is so common video problem about we put it cool here this is real specialist conditions of the problem substitute understand the task was did not grow of course there are opportunities for shooting to eat is opportunity again repeating avoiding all with little blood It is necessary to do this but the problem is in that if you have have already begun to attack most likely you will have his weapons most likely not have time for the navel coil to if it does not have time to get a knife as shown there knorr he stupidly needed we also need to talk about development text scenario when let's say a person on you attack you
  • 01:00: except for bare hands there is nothing and to escape You have nowhere and when these disputes arise on the topic of what's next protect yourself from the knife unrealistically unrealistic Dying when talking in defense against a knife we are in no way talking about some We are talking about panacea how we reduce the likelihood that we will be killed how do we get a chance for survival and this anywhere in any situation in any technology has its own absolutely blank and because it's very depends a lot on intangible factors reception is mechanics are just through which selection knife or its
  • 01:31: knocking out either We performed there trauma rival but in order that this mechanics necessary to fulfill somehow the person to withdraw leave the damage in such conditions looks like a welcome are reduced for execution if you try grab a big you you have nothing it turns out because speed is very large and sooner just a stone and grab it caulk so for at least its interpretation of protection from the knife we ​​try is abstract quality such as sensitivity sense of distance feeling of the enemy through the bedroom through supply exercises that by the way a million that
  • 02:01: will allow over some reduce distance with a person about that already after how did you get control over its beating hand carry but you can do anything about the knife battle is now many say that what if against you prepared by the same victa you are in any way beaten by everyone these work if outdoor organizer prepared knives century is possible today just driving die options it's hard to argue up but another point in what if even against you prepared for life does this mean that you must die without a fight for that is not
  • 02:31: resists it seems to me a person which here I click artem blackberries more then I'm kind of ready die but most often attacked on the street do not click most often guys at street attack ordinary cattle as common criminals criminals who either you want rob or in drunken brawl will not in a drunken situation so it seemed that he immediately disgusted read that unworthy he is on your way kill specifically here so things happen when on us We set our in We are most likely not option to arm
  • 03:02: why because any your movement will be accompanied by movement of your opponent if the enemy has already got already on and already ready for you attack that option how can you intercept to get machines there with pistols all that you do not have there was practically no exist for some of the mechanisms protection from a knife and at all expediency of course when you forced naked hands this movie knife this the situation is extremely negatively bad is it very very very disgusting
  • 03:32: history but from which need some kind of way out and the question is the majority here these here trainers before who say that it's impossible designer for knife fight and so further a question set not that guys and 1 you know that it is very difficult we know what it is practically impossible all the same if it turned out as increase your chances and we are talking about knife protection attention shoes treatment of chances we are neither in which talking about guarantees this does not exist but this country does not there is nowhere about the same knife fight when we talking about the situation the right one exists probability of knife attack only
  • 04:02: then when we unarmed at unarmed man attack because the aggressor feels sadness feels like saying mostly during the day but if you do too armed with a knife and spangles are understood the degree of risk is all in all you then go many people I'm now suddenly competitions and they start wherever one took out another knife before 100 knife they start at each other so say throw all everything is interesting all cool everything is cool I I support very much Knife sparring is A good story for in order to feel the enemy get used to the new mechanics however issue of blood the judgment of people
  • 04:33: who believe that is the absolute know whether what they can possesses staying force like as there are bullets in which possess or does not possess Stop and force Knives in principle and not that is, if a person has several once stabbed of course he cut through for a while that the pressure in system will go from blood loss of acidic ceases to arrive bridge interests knows here we will present imagine that you you encountered him as a tactic whether or not not immediately falls and We, too, have no tag and maybe not even
  • 05:03: will be with you like this Here dates, too maybe you just will run you to stab and you know even if you give him several beats of the belly will stick a few blows in the back you both die therefore knife fight sports version which shows it seems to me very questionable and illness often forget what they are are dealing pinned flying at you human it is impossible therefore in knife fight is not there are winners and losers that is, it happens that who has more cuts less cut yah the one who is both dead there is the same that if
  • 05:33: on you a man runs on how would you do it poked toward where would you or you to her on meeting in any If you do not have vodka first like me told you to Crimea second number and everything cleaning it also what kind of a flow because is impossible stop with knife the cubes flying at you furious also either drug addicts or drunkard no matter who all here these are the knife collision they end not victory for someone triumphal ends with the fact that both most likely to the spirit concerning moments when
  • 06:03: that's being sorted out to people even a century suddenly there protection from sudden attack knife and so on I looked honestly several videos you will know except conversations are simple there is nothing to talk about there was no more to them such a conversation of the river were without a thesis of us on body to find fault with their things because they do not very item say extremely it is also difficult this many people are you and because in general it is very difficult to refuse give abstracts positive is easier give some negative settings try ostensibly refute but the guys
  • 06:33: such a thing where You can not make a mistake highly undesirable so even when you go into the situation you can knife you is necessary maximally protect yourself from armed arms and first thing you work it on you are either armed fix either trying to somehow grab limit it mobility in otherwise even if you start 1 wearing hitting you all equally you will be such stalemate when he is somehow way to get out free up there helicopter and you too designer of a pleasant
  • 07:03: this is not enough if we take again protection against knife and expediency of their I think that that work out them surely you need just catch your hand as I already said difficult somehow her there intercept or more do something too extremely it's difficult for you you need to tie and and only after what kind of tie replenish there is a chance therefore, gentlemen I speculating on the topic how useful self-defense against knife as far as it important moment in our this look is very an important moment more she is helping
  • 07:33: only in melee struggle and in work there against weapons in general, and the principle of develop you sense of reality and feelings of fighting art as art they like sports collisions where y you price a little bit the other are the same who believe that protection from knife does not work and they it seems that this futile waste time I suggest give you alternative to your let the pupil die as soon as sees a knife and unhindered allow a person we kill ourselves we will try a little bit to twitch and
  • 08:03: try, at least somehow our chances to enlarge