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Cleaning of snow from a roof. FEBRUARY, 2017.  See details »

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  • 01:02: you are not immediately on channel everything in everything today is February the sixth number looks he 's an early morning van Eika is cool but time comes before in spring clean the snow from the roof what is this for the thing is that when the snow cringes on the roof with intensive the sun begins even if you have water resistant no he is indifferent begins to drip just under the foundation naturally formed ice and this pour very long thaws The war can not slip
  • 01:32: therefore it is removed snow but the question is the same remove snow quickly accessible ways I looked at the rope now I will show this is cunning adjustment which made literally from improvised materials it consists of 4 bands that is, this 40 band 40 and 25 in my opinion welded strip welded tube otmaza that some cylinder and take
  • 02:03: just wasted that and made wheels from caprolon here can be used other wheels to these wheels are not clung to the soft roof for tires you it's us boat and did not raise this is adjustment Of course, I will say at once that it's a prototype scotch race glued to the outside clamps so that scotch tape does not broke away and he heavy
  • 02:33: heavyweight plan I'll raise you now I will show two option is not two options namely the moment from the snow on roofs and density him and how it can be remove I will play with Ladders therefore cameras by the way today us the camera shoots gopro 5 my camera is basic who work hundreds is in repair service sony center so here roof let's try now we take again polypropylene 32
  • 03:03: pipe we attach it to same governing us a long here is this now do and see first look at snow cameras at me stands on a tripod I will show that it turns out here the height there and on the snow ridge here are the collectors I already tried tried to shoot how much was collectors so here it was done and
  • 03:34: we will then pass on Tuesday this is all you can see work for the first time have 1 work on 3 1 to work such camera but now I I take the camera abroad is
  • 04:06: is about 5-6 meters Well, I did a little shorter then something that he found Our camera is delivered here on seraphim you may as already just we warm up she is work now will preserve [music] [music]
  • 04:41: [music] this is the way
  • 05:14: snow removal teselovato donat attack the constructor made of aluminum yellow strip this millimeter 40 width thickness of millimeters 4 when you do these are the head of the cottage Pattaya camera on this a big stick and see how the links [music] [music]
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  • 09:55: Here's to clear the snow from the roof enjoyable performance very much you can make the series possible do higher and zaspa of course Will you widen the width of this pairs of isospan and you an organ to lengthen it I literally collected all on the go order to process and make sure really works on the system or not really she works which
  • 10:25: can be combined uneasy iron such rates namely in this is polypropylene which father-mother twisted choose any variations of aluminum plastic pipes pipes snow removal will be you will be happy and will not you water in the yard at today the whole axon was outside dating once per Ukraine for now [music]