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Recipes from the chef. Home-made bread in a rural way.  See details »

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  • 00:00: GDP Max My name is Sergei Illin Company infiniti ex
  • 00:31: Today I want to bring to your attention offer homemade bread recipe cook at home and please of his friends close friends why bread yes because now given a wide choice bread bakery products under this as tasty effect cook very hard because now Hrjapa grain market pastries very much
  • 01:01: but it is a quality of bread Anyway, I met and Cherevko it is very expensive and my recipe it is the easiest recipe but if you cook you will be satisfied this bread because Internet walks utmost the number of prescriptions evaluation of its products when guns sometimes start watch or do something on this recipe just I wonder what that has come up with a plan Toyota jeep dough Well, who does not meet the
  • 01:31: performance would have been it stated initially yes I would have bread recipe home cooked which Dikan constantly for our employees we need all of the most simple the unit this year vegetable oil in Georgia salt sugar to it we will complete at our manufacturing ed but at home it can be
  • 02:02: kneading it by hand or in a food processor then let's get down cooking of our region First we fill laying share the same without precipitation we give rubles will mix it now as it is the core of happy interfere adding their hand
  • 02:33: Well ka we have dissipated saturated with oxygen that is produced to caught her keep we fall asleep and include for our bread in country style
  • 03:05: 200 kilos of wool two kilograms of flour Stone frame vegetable oil Fifty grams of sugar grams of salt and 30 grams of reasons if you put it all He received a very so goes this age dragged Now we are equip put
  • 03:36: we have one of the three for two hours so bread came Izhevsk Pushkin and now we mean often Eurosport specialist 3 you know I'm just going in fact
  • 04:08: It is that we have already passed we understand our our father Izhevsk But today May it is well the detail starting to work with him laid
  • 04:39: on the table Now as we are today, we after some time I usually d hanging most dramas today we are with you leap in the village
  • 05:10: responded bread and the first gate We make him balls
  • 05:41: officials do now we open plenochkoj wither and after that betrayal of him our bread
  • 06:11: form a traitor to our bread support In these cases, it can be manually unravel well as usual beautiful for this I take a rolling pin and a map roll out
  • 06:42: Now we just a little bit of Rosstat them this link I just take voiceover in a tube Now in this way here are the first
  • 07:16: bread we ready same procedures produce created by our with two points so all affected process Max
  • 08:00: Pushkin among Russian and international obligations list this process can be kept but three days it will always be soft and not for a hundred so all now we
  • 08:30: Pavel Egorov cover with and remove on innovations 25 minutes again at last so our bread and our laws OK up guests east and now the The player starts will now play when it is possible anoint the top killer it is necessary to sprinkle flour and give it rustic bread or just
  • 09:02: anoint Vodicka but I'm glad nothing today will not be watered many spectators this bread you just put it in the penny but growth in the oven he saw there this we it did not put that in and see a result of we will so our bread
  • 09:35: already seems years we take out of the oven like this look what do we have happened I feel very good and tasty and seemingly beautiful homebaked bread now we are the bread but shift the grate to cool down
  • 10:05: and he had good and five d do not be afraid try to cook This is the bread home it is not as time-consuming as it sounds sight ubs curtain home baking dough we have three hours have passed but the result It will be a great I congratulate you on the coming holiday wish you happiness
  • 10:35: health luck lovely woman Prepare the men, this is our home village years power Pushkin