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  • 00:00: Friends, how are you all? again here I am with you in youtube health of san clemente california I hope you are well and spit not having uploaded videos is a little busy with their activities and projects but I do not have there this autonomous store put on video and these days and others ok good what will you think about my wrist the beauty of beauty and the beast I see completely all the time I get ni wire diamond miller fabrics difficult this applications ribbon
  • 00:32: spikelet good usually already how apply them many my person my head is equal to an agreement or be a dog a piece of my being smaller and You have seen my video of how it was detailed the head from which you proceed as well as result that is again this doll does not have anything different to comparison of demagogical effort of the body and everything else in the instructor to the slander the clothes the expression of the face the hair and
  • 01:02: The small addition is the added that you can not see this very much everything is done in fomi this index is cardboard normally all the details like the eyes the mouth everything is painted to hand key the price of clothes is made in tulle in satin and straw unlike the beautiful doll or the
  • 01:40: sail dress is that we pay all the Pleating of the dress is completely up down but I 've seen in my life that I liked then to implement and a moment had seen a dress the disney store you have is more or less the same design I liked a lot and this doll is applied although all the shore is a pimple that was stitched it is not paste is cooked the flowers are made of ribbon 99 in
  • 02:11: against this type of colorado in all what I did that buys a type of gauze transparent lemme has the regular ribbon and already they form the florida to which this was result that I liked much more to the turn so you see normally my doll was not wearing this
  • 02:46: application that bach and the center but a few days ago I went to the angels then where do they sell fabrics there are many rats would be that they sell 20 cents to 50 cents there was a little piece nothing else are I was comfortable these two sections let's say about 10 centimeters then I bought it I liked it because the muñequito color will not apply if the music was not wearing finally and what I did that was added pay a little bit more of a view we go to the detail of the shoes back
  • 03:17: in mimicry, mime has its skirt blue has his tour with his lace and they have their shoes the shoes realize is the video and it's over for the mind that I always I put a little bit of glue I put glue and I put it online and then apart add the workshop mode of above the flowers lolas add you think roses or was in the
  • 03:47: same boat and the same detail of the base this is the risk and this although it is of rubber year promotion then it is ready for you to use both here and for the part of above my dress and the edge of the sleeves in this one the only complicated one that had
  • 04:20: it was the hair not so much the part of above but of my copla me that my work was this does the route to stay in that position if you did this lines were very fluffy and it does not give it the shape it wanted then it was a technique that I did and that I really liked how my sister was it was created good use as it was this was the more more more detail like the one that had the hair is veiga in a next video I will show how I do the part of these little heads then the bags above and this one this kind of
  • 04:51: Chinese ok is the same as china had it moment was that by doing one more than much longer but it 's the same is very easy you do not need great technique only that in this one is this work more compact radio when mocked month customers do not get cold and you do not burn shaped key then my next video a video that do later I will show how that kind of curler there are many types of china for hair for the very practical chips
  • 05:22: many very very easy but for that kind of music and I maybe and then we're going to my technique so that you can also apply to win a doll I'm going to explain the chemistry in hair technique Normally my hair has not stuck on that part is our emptiness and I do with a small incision between the wedding unicén and then I stick it and there way I want you what friends the eyes painted by hand completely
  • 06:03: but it seems very ugly more in need of a detail gives me when after a John time I did not realize what I had passed I did not put my grandmother's earrings game by getting a few crystallites that will stick dress still to see the age and I'm going to add your earrings today friends oy I will repeat many people ask me for the patterns usually say that it I sent for online
  • 06:34: the problem is that it was to say that it is not selfishness not the other way around I want share with patterns or molds for semifuses the problem is that I do not I have a computer for metro xola and also do not commit the online so many people have asked me to You can send half to send me your address that is demanded and its brother by mail by regular mail by over they understand me then there are many people you have confidence many people week selection and they has sent and you say again right then and they are not sent by
  • 07:06: on-line a month ago a little bit complicated a little bit but for technology it is not It makes me a little difficult to do that what good friends he has a way something to eat and without me email and have it year by half of youtube and I for providing you the molds ok I have more projects that I am seeing these days I hope you like them and anything I thank you if it is a little hand up thank you very much wrote the mexican also much appreciate if you some and a negative comment
  • 07:36: do it please just do not be offensive and I will gladly answer this his negative comment also because everything is all we have to learn of everything a little that with friends I hope it's okay 15 a lot I have a good day good afternoon good night only now that I'm watching this video what good until then