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How to make a roof. It is correct to make a roof and svesa on the house which constructed the hands.  See details »

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  • 00:00: after laying roof sheathing Here it should be done fresh longitudinal Us is that's along the longitudinal axis the building and the whole cake the weight of this one's ends all with it August 2 this one this one and cross to him sewn but this is the rafter Here it goes rafters Now, these here this one the gap is just for plate 30 mm
  • 00:31: Plate gets used to and rafters interrupted here this bar Now this bar he hanging on the bones lath roof's this piece attached screws rafters but for this to could be done it is necessary that the trailer They were circumcised about the middle this throw to
  • 01:01: there was free a place where a wide So I passed plet approved and you see all plate which abuts boats beer they circumcised and thus all the way here there is room for mounting bar overhang, and that there was no skews this one piece rafters mounted meter increments a little more
  • 01:31: slightly smaller bars thicker 23 you guys in varying the thickness of the plate that there was no imbalance and after these bars to fasten this one bar overhang here this bar Now the question to overhang made of drawings exactly the well as similar bars rafters here the more prose filled two bar they, too, because Dr.
  • 02:01: Drawing is like and rafters only length and here on this value along the length of and that is the jump endured and ends here here it is horizontal part been going rafters bar overhang this one and that they extended in order to be It was spoiling them boards overhang lateral well, further for us
  • 02:33: these three throw installed assigned to them, we here lining wu thou shalt transverse cars in the example of the lining that's so beautiful heifers Then you have them in circles sideways or dye and wish but this Here the surface of the throw around the end all shots who are here all such surfaces forget about planing and installing a side issue
  • 03:03: touch electroplane so too could varnish or paint to Bude like here such Cross cutting binder eaves sew it here longitudinal doses both to do just It should be right here establish cross-bones angry over here step two or three Now these board I came across the lateral discussions to set the width
  • 03:34: and 150 on the two elements plant came second here's da edge set followed by 2 3 2 3 doors have missed the point before the edge and we put the cream already rest longitudinal they close and namesake the top and it space too It can be made from lining shorter do it like transverse Restless or it longitudinal you Turkey did sit As far as the
  • 04:04: longitudinal overhang along the longitudinal axis building someone does no problems planking let linings Whether choosing a beautiful CDs from smooth surface stitched calendar or rafters and all bus that's not so beautiful It will look and so did everything she well, almost any plank satisfaction in the roof skating area
  • 04:34: light beg some unifying all that is here for the hall attach later cock Thief of Cheburashka can be the hammer and sickle or red star that always attach that but he did not trunk port because it was to behold We come up here put a link I called him blyamba here it is
  • 05:04: made of thick board here groove cut is such that blyamba you want your all have been put on the the fact that you are here set some unifying figure exterior of the house will benefit