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I sew. Pass the Prym Iron and a teflon nozzle of Topper.  See details »

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  • 00:00: good day to all my to the audience today I I want to tell you that's what babies are like from the brand when you think it is mini iron which I very happy already on stretching somewhere probably three months I ordered it at the end in the middle of August and since then testing using we rejoice, I often are you asking what? this is for the kid and that's it. at last I decided you tell about it and one more my find I she's already wearing it now
  • 00:30: on an iron this is such Teflon nozzle for ironing it prevents the formation of a manhole on and if you know that such things are whitish bands when here to on the front side face to face if all of a sudden pat too heated iron if temperature of iron too high for this tissue can remain so whitish bald spots do not even know whitish bands that are very difficult to remove from wool is
  • 01:00: Well, from wool with natural fabrics There are a few lifhakov so to say which can be removed these vinegar fabrics are there steaming and washing in general it's all in Internet can be found but with synthetics I I do not know what about Ufa Bryce because I tried leaves such laz and and there is nothing to defeat them was able and the final chord it was spoiled slightly skirt of jersey from red dresses from diana modern in general I decided that all is enough in time
  • 01:31: buy this nozzle and this too very very steep piece I'll go talk about these two of my favorites and so let's talk about mini ironing-iron mini iron from the brand at mind stands on ozone I he bought it there are two and a half thousands of on the site honeycom I like it I saw in my two so you can search by different sites of sewing shops internet he comes here in such here packing very much this is a nice look how much is it
  • 02:01: small size then there is literally water two palms fits written manufacturer direct germanium supplier Femali haben москва зеленоград а я 3 what's the most interesting look at this the iron goes well, it's clear that it is very simple but this case is because that this iron is not only as an iron for handicrafts but also how road iron that is it can be for example take with you to trips that too it is convenient to put here in such a little one bag and here look what we are with
  • 02:32: you will see by the way somewhere else a glass with mini iron is still Here is such a mini a glass for 40 milliliters in size with a palm this cup as time is enough to fill the tank water tank mini ironing the cord is quite large cord pretty thick that is, the cord know like the present large iron and thickness and size and I hope he reliability instruction in English language on a separate piece of paper as well as instructions
  • 03:02: for other languages ​​and that we are here with you see this power an iron of 375 watts that interesting in this iron is adjuster the network voltage is there is networks with voltage 220-240 volts of runners here if the network voltage 100 125 but apparently there are there are two from two types of stress is regulated runner I'm not that met on our conventional iron stroke I wanted to show you
  • 03:32: also here three those three temperature mode but standard 1 . 2 points three points 1. synthetic delicate two points of wool three points of flax and cotton when we turn on iron in the net with us lights up right here Here is a red indicator I will not do it yet to make sure he was not boiling hot very so I can in my hands keep it we have here red light light bulb by wont with conventional irons like Only the iron reaches
  • 04:02: the desired temperature a this light goes out if you look here to the control panel so let's say that here we are all just a ring which regulates heating that is necessary now on one is worth yes we are moving this one here's the wheel here on dvoechke and here it is on cron and look steam drawn that he gives porn tots the most important point I tried it stroking that is put on the deuce and I turn on the feed the steam is regulated here
  • 04:33: this little one button and you need to Click and it drowns as if a little bit in the surface of the iron is means the steam is turned off if you click and she will jump and will stick around like this bugorochkom and a pair We work if turn on this pair on buttons 2 that is if the iron is not yet warmed to the right temperatures or for example here on I tried that twice it happens that you see the pairs goes along with the water then
  • 05:04: there is like an iron passes water apparently not all to the end she turns in steam it does not work out him and most quality steam without drops on the fabric is obtained only on three, that is, if we with you well, for example what kind of here is here here is the moment so that some tissues delicate and me need such a strong heating like here for example on the triple a steam is well formed only on a three on deuces too it is possible do but need
  • 05:34: it is good to heat there is no way not to climb on cloth with this iron until he warmed up because it will dripping water here from here I can not say what is it occurs regularly but rather standard stable know such situation that all the same sometimes on modes 2 water rolls if look at this one here is the ring more closely, then we with you we will see that a pairs drawn only at the maximum on the boy of the mark a couple we do not have with you
  • 06:04: to pour water in the reservoir bends Here is such rubber lid she is on a string and with using a cup full glass is poured into horizontal position is very everything is good here is designed for this cup exactly filling the tank for water Of course there are only 40 milliliters and it's understandable that this little I do it use for recesses alive again Yeah seen in the video that I iron him dart I'm ironing them when the seams, for example allowance for seam too narrow or when I just do not
  • 06:35: need too great there for example it's time I need walk a little somewhere that is well know the most here are the small moments about I go with him when not hunting with large iron bother because from large iron he that's all over the sole there are holes for exit the steam and me for example iron only small place and roughly speaking to me in pairs a nozzle that is necessary and on the soles of the guys are needed and it's a pity that on Large irons are not present such a button for example, these would be openings close at
  • 07:05: soles remained hole only in nose for example here it would be very good design for those who sew also there are two the window is just about they would be which is called max there is a maximum filling with water very comfortable pen i I want to draw attention that when we with you iron this iron is strong heats up well naturally, and this one The pen helps her here is such a
  • 07:35: rubberized goes to she is here rubberized cantilever keep it handy so securely In his hand is fastened and moreover here it is here a leg it happens Heats up a little so I hold on like rule only for himself up he is not heats up and it's me like the iron use conveniently I am satisfied with the work our with him joint yet convenient to do for example some
  • 08:05: little work i right here on this desktop is easy I take the flannel q collapsed into several time and put on the table in protection against heat and just here here already sitting know under a good light I need ironing board is not good lighting for now and I I will do some small work iron for example, the same oblique beiki can be some are there too small shovchiki all I pass them I can not say what is it necessary for life thing and our moms and
  • 08:35: professional atelier think so device does not enjoy but nice know when here and at You have a choice when Here it is possible for example small seams he presses me very much helped out when I sewed a coat with chalet collar and if you encountered already with collars then know what's there for assembly is very much small allowance for seam need to be ironed and that's just the same in he works me rescued in order not to damage the fabric i simply put
  • 09:05: under the sole of pro ironed nickname well, that is gauze and already ironed through cheesecloth Of course this is inconvenient but it's safe because here on this soles all the same it will leave the laz and if the fabric is inclined to it and we are smooth with you went to the nozzle for I bought her an iron recently literally weeks 2 probably back but from the shooting date this video today at us to not November 27 but I bought it maybe be somewhere in
  • 09:35: the last week so that I tried also I saw
  • 10:54: nozzle which strengthens me with elastic bands then there is one like this behind and through the iron they pass then there are different options on all these attachments completely different reviews specifically about this I read that she short-lived what is this here very quickly flies off and literally there through a few months wrote in the reviews of me it did not bother just with us no other options available a nozzle with three fasteners it costs 770 rubles well I generally decided try out
  • 11:24: it represents yourself such an oilcloth up to or such as well, yes reminding know dense oilcloth on our Teflon baking dish she looks like a little she dense she's so I'm here now along the edge finger drive pretty solid but nevertheless plastic plasticity needed to under d to go round all sides iron to fit tight and the entire nozzle consists of these here are the small perforated
  • 11:54: holes through which there is a steam like me I understood the meaning of it on the package it is written suitable for everyone models of irons stripped to ironing the most delicate fabrics and the tip itself is written what protects delicate fabrics proposals this attachment protects delicate tissue from impact hot platform that is my the iron works my iron from philips
  • 12:24: he works on this principle, that is, if follow the instructions then I have this behold steam scales there is if I for example strokes delicate cloth on a double or on odinichki then I do not recommend setting the maximum steam supply to well prevent fluid evolution because it can not he is qualitatively form a lot of steam while being heated not strongly high to get maximum pairs me
  • 12:54: not only put on six Here it is this parade a miracle but I need and heat the iron before state of the max well, here how is he on our flax here the Hellenes boat it light and it turns out that if I heat it up such a temperature for maximal pair it me tissue ruin and that this the nozzle seems to be stealing this temperature it does not give flushed sole come into contact with a delicate cloth but
  • 13:24: she misses the whole the one who allocates an iron heated to maximum and at the maximum steam supply here for this as I understood myself this attachment and bought because not so much temperature how much hot steam me seems to play a role Well, at least in my ironing seams if I am now mistaken please write to me at comments both on really all this works because I for myself, I realized that this nozzle works that's the way we do not touch sensitive
  • 13:56: fabrics hot soles but we get good quality steam that can give out our iron I for myself have not yet I see the point of buying some kind of steam honestly speaking I do not even have it anywhere put on my ironing board only a compartment for iron and me all suits like this looks like this works so say and I'm happy with my an ironing board so nothing to change I do not want me arranges submission a pair of my iron the only thing that makes me did not like it then
  • 14:26: that he leaves the laz and I prepared for us with you for an experiment somewhat cutting off fabrics this is yellow gabardine it's a blue satin I'm from he sewed a lining for his cloak quilted as well as from I sewed it home costume and here it is black it the same jersey from whom I wore a skirt removed the nozzle and I want show you here so here it is soft Teflon and me it seems that here it is
  • 14:57: thickness probably in thickness likely somewhere one and a half millimeter bends as you want it bend and here thanks to she bends it takes the form of soles and your iron so well let me go myself interestingly, let's let's see I add up this is our gabardine seems to me so there will be more interesting look in all make no effort for example we need to you can iron well seam Do not spoil a loaf
  • 15:31: is the maximum the delivery of steam remains shiny strip here here here on In the middle, see See, here it is on light it glitters that is this ironing at such a temperature on gabardine will leave lasso let us try now jersey but here in general evidently immediately see how burned out but also on the crab's shadow
  • 16:01: also remains whitish a trace as it seems to me let's try put on usually it does Igor but now I I'll try to cope the principle itself is real the woman is real put on this attachment Well
  • 16:31: No, this is the one with lasso give whitish in center here gleams and then that drying is already gleams see also
  • 17:04: I gleam I was upset I thought that it does not leave you go try on our jersey here you are see this iron when fried me with one hand let's see what will happen here but the jersey is better The jersey is no longer printed jersey okay but
  • 17:34: scarab satin should be all good i him many times already ironing with the help of this pro listen well, return Well, nothing I even help lowered the temperature up to two points and 2. still remain brilliant traces of the results my experiment gabardine attachment for protection you need to iron everything is equal to two points then there is a to make a manhole even with
  • 18:04: Here is this my jersey attachments even at three points it was good for life and there is nothing left but no tan markings all the same yes I think which is better of course and not once again experiment we also understand that this experiment it's already straight for the most extreme conditions then there are three points put at all it does not need to be me was curious see what will be how much this the attachment holds there is always put the iron on two points and
  • 18:34: crepe-satin of course Lycra write and but also here is an atlas such synthetically too not bad, that's pretty good he iron such here my discoveries wanted to very tell you do not tell about it about your experience use of like here devices for in this he can be still some new items Maybe you use more some tricks hello then share you are welcome information in great comments Thank you for attention bye Bye