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How to put GRM VAZ chain on tags. Make!  See details »

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  • 00:00: Hello to all that I have a lot of questions of ease and the chain tensioner However, I have to pull see here show So I very much on crossover Well the whole color natural shoe it then I can not put an asterisk This negative old tensioning chain and dampers seatbelt stayed side serious and it does not It gives me just judge
  • 00:31: and we do it here the MDL news shoulders Shipped I was not so simple cap I've heard Click this here went well, it weighs on the whole length tensioner is now it should be easy push again jumped Now estimate See how I weakened and leaving the pipe lingus I put me under and
  • 01:03: dent to the end and as I did this one see restored Ruta Commission windows I slightly pulling It attracted him to fix all he I was fixed sank to the end here I drowned now I'm nothing will interfere
  • 01:33: put an asterisk this is the most well let I show this insert but now as a well put the label that's it at long on No last look to him it millimeter match went back I put the cam but so worth it sold out notice attention so he them. just now on 4 cylinder well and put
  • 02:03: principle and to the point it turns on sprocket 4 torus cylinder Well It is a label that's it Now I'm on to it coincided with that of whether you'll show it Now put see this one the label is taken I pull and match
  • 02:34: I hit that aptly Now look here it is the label that's it the number of incident so can throw how it turns me a little again they keep the date is how will it
  • 03:05: It was to become here it is perfect or no income small or transition because it little she had left forward let us happened so here's
  • 03:39: slender income These are not small income obtained either junction or no income better do not income now now see just take spinning and motoproma calves and how to check for field label to
  • 04:10: Stop here it is now would be as if slightly crooked but it gets us click on the filter to feed itself plus once and there is no good crippled basic as it is, attract mischief and now look like many write two turnover do Kalevala not check need for any additives Learn not the whitefish Now pull the weight ago stronger about
  • 04:41: over here and wait again them forward to the mark that you have the It has the latest there was contact on rover here all ideally firm protract well there Sprint is such I have them finishing plant I usually throw the beads were not
  • 05:11: Pray chain here this is a hanging some people write well, Motor noise talking they say it is a chain everything is ok chain is the most of it h even hanging here so here it is 1 incorrectly drawn not necessarily something you can simply twist so just and pulled
  • 05:41: money not just push again Now we should be pulled weaken this is now tensioner Pry and just now I stop was He will hear a click pops heard Now it is not necessary to do
  • 06:11: how could I not springy trusting yet stretch is legitimate and the law is mount this struggle Nolan really want when raboty vatsya and tighten finish under the urging and begins to tighten the internet is not well but afraid thread firmly
  • 06:43: slightly tighten all You will go well Here, too, according to this cup should be a chain Now that's a pipe That's when your brother is if you have such though no stretch droplet chats here droplet droplet here and you say, seam type is not tight dangles here we hit upon price drops 9 minutes
  • 07:15: This droplet like this here millimeter will walking everything will be blah blah blah blah blah why steel and write something where your noise easy listening and check its millimeter grab get it on the vase I think that's it all clear all success Good luck and chew