Candies of Burfi from powdered milk  See details »

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  • 00:00: Hello to you Elena and kind cooking recipes I suggest cook burfi Indian dairy sweet candy burfi are two types of chocolate and White chocolate does not candy mix one tablespoon cocoa powder and 200 gram dry milk add condensed milk where ever I measure the amount condensed milk is added to the Oil should be in the eye eventually get thick viscous
  • 00:32: if stringy candy mass turned watery means sgushchenki much to add dry milk mix weight and put it in refrigerate for for half an hour pour over it time to have time to will get no cease to stick to hands will be comfortable have candy
  • 01:00: just do White burfi only Cocoa powder is not add mix milk powder with a condensed milk and put in refrigerate for half an hour then proceed to cooking candies powder plate cocoa powder spoon and powder cocoa powder and recruit again in June
  • 01:30: fudge but on the weight of the candy caving in cocoa powder and Ball palms Kata chocolate candy buffer ready for the white burfi plate need powder dry milk as powder spoon dry milk recruit spoon candy mass and
  • 02:00: I am able to fall off dry milk again in Kata ball palms the middle of a ball We need to put cashew nut and then fingers attach shape our candy can be shaped
  • 02:30: dice for like triangles anything but you all candy burfi ready Bon Appetit