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  • 00:00: a set of loops on needle 6 the way it is called cross set loops from the end strings cancel long section
  • 00:30: about three times greater than the width our future sample and here in this point will knit for the first loop it overturn strings like this way and take out thread tighten it loop gain vdevaem spokes and contractible slide
  • 01:01: loop of the first loop ready We have a string on left hand so on way to forefinger it was thread Gradient coils and on the thumb It was the end of the thread and the other three fingers stifle thread knit loop
  • 01:32: classical way then pull out the thumb of loops and traffic down up tightening the noose the following loop knit another way
  • 02:02: again take out the thumb of eyelets and now the movement from top to bottom tightening the noose knit on now movement from the bottom up
  • 02:34: tightening the noose and the movement of the top thumb down and tightens the noose so every time alternate tighten bottom-up now
  • 03:05: tighten the top tighten down the bottom up and over the top down in such Dialing Method loops eyelet we will
  • 03:35: grouped into two pieces and on the reverse hand they look like this Irina was with you write comments put the huskies subscribe to my youtube style to the email channel mailing itself not sticking since a beginner's. grew until we meet again