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  • 00:12: Today I will teach you make straight narrow tucks or lowercase folds they need to start exactly mark the soap item left so thick trail better use aqua marker or magic pencil Magick is very Peng disappearing marker I Oklo is marked with guides
  • 00:30: marker if tucks paves not all parts of the a must place them end that they all were a certain level then need priutyuzhit on marking our protection for that we put detail ironing board and pinned book shops beginning and end with the defense low tension tissue turned fold flat to the front side of the fabric and you and and ironed we repeat this operation for all tucks now need
  • 01:01: defer the protection of folds for this can be used special foot it can buy additionally it different from the usual the tabs that I special tab guide that It goes along the fold protection and allows make perfect there is a direct line paws in which this tab can be moved left to right increasing the width topstitching defense is convenient for those machines where it is impossible move it to the left
  • 01:30: right relative its central positions set foot tucks can be delayed in the Region as a one millimeter so and a wider value 2 3 or 5 do millimeters for example, several narrow protection if we we want to increase the width of the protection of the We need to increase the width of the line the width of the lines in this case or exposed deviation and led his or deviation vase with the right bolt
  • 02:00: if you do not special foot you can defer protection through ordinary the main line to It ran smoothly from his protection drizzle with remaining cloth with water to remove traces of aqua marker and ironed tucks inside out that's what we came also with this legs can be Sew Details such as butt sew lace or connect two different type of tissue in the case, you need a needle put exactly in front of the tongue We expose the zigzag stitch
  • 02:31: We put a cloth left and right tongue and wrote a The result is very functional foot it can help also detail the way edge to expose the needle or the width of the tongue delay and can be pave the seam line for example at a pit what not to waist skirt to get neat tucks you need to mark them and press them their folds put a foot tucks
  • 03:00: expose the width of the line using needle or on the tongue foot pave along the fold line next time I I will show you how to do protection through twin needle