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▶ Como fazer uma ma çã de garrafa pet e pintar elas as deixando um colorido transparente - YouTube  See details »



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  • 00:00: our video students we learning to make these maçãzinhas herein are made in a pet Pt people she realizes that cane is so that way so let the material that we will use and I step by step then to make these nations we will need the following Material scissors two bottle pet you may be using the size
  • 00:30: what you want this is that those little one those little niggling okay I'm using two these stained veneer that are this one I'll use the red tone and green fire sheet a stylus and two paintbrushes paper I will use base here to not soil my table here then will first start'll cut my the
  • 01:01: my pet here it has a margin and I measuring about a feeling and I after cutting after that margin telling a centimeter It was a chevette then yes I'll use scissors
  • 01:44: we have to see if it has no board had just jabbing now we cut the other the other I will also cut more or least to that extent okay one cm above medium and
  • 02:21: always making sure that has nothing or a twinge there now looking to
  • 02:30: another part was left of the bottle we cut the sheet here already cutting both feet as the
  • 03:02: zinho and leaves then we will prepare this material I'll use the brush here the number 16 and I will use the red fire on the avenue stained glass to paint the base of the apple you can paint the following way
  • 03:32: will not support in here and start to paint
  • 04:07: Now this part is optional if you want to leaflet you you can approach can're here O
  • 04:40: when so this how we do the same with the car so that it is firmer
  • 05:01: we like it that way Now let's paint to paint I will use another brush and I use the color green leaf also in the vital avenue
  • 05:51: just wait for half an hour until solve our little foot closing it will get a helping hand
  • 06:01: with this top here that is smaller part that the singing here we start assembling our zinho sheet soc so for that I will first spend little hot glue to you I will learn the first sheet I will spend another glass of cola shot here and I'm going to take one more sheet
  • 06:31: ped forming this knack here I will bend a little pet here and I spend a little glue here that will learn well what is going on cover so these people attach a piece in another
  • 07:06: It is ready to our little foot which is a maçãzinha here she was so ready here we can put the game I put jujube and can doing there a souvenir to put on the table
  • 07:31: birthday here I also did in other colors in another way I used here is to see the stalk actually a stalk that we handle a tree one thing understood here is not that I did it all even prevents these two green where also painted himself knack here but she in so really it is a job well
  • 08:01: cute we may be using birthday is not it I hope you enjoyed the video if you like it falls on the like down here stay tuned to all new videos I'm doing it's about crafts and recycling are register in the channel and a kiss and even next video bye bye