The device for a marking on the lathe  See details »

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  • 00:00: such as often enough comes first 120 mm markings but on this model Unfortunately, this linga Well, I'm waiting for you my view to simplify and paid a markup nuances which is attached Well she cartridges so primitive in this light settings. very big error shoot to haul many of my head opportunity, not because
  • 00:31: will parse and here I have some I had an idea spindle and there is a thread for m 64 nothing 0 4 sessions do not meant want it not to use after all, marking and It means such water I turned the gun
  • 01:01: here with Werth flange it on this planet g we click Tape over the order Rick has killed I mean calculated to boast itself receive level and 360 bratz overdone I need a gun will ring diameter which was 114 and visits procession Then I tape
  • 01:33: I attach here 0'll risk but not I think so will have markings perhaps more accurately I'm turning machining anywhere because of leprosy that nothing slyly no longer show the final destination and
  • 03:13: then marking at
  • 04:03: help which rolls I'm guessing not good then I put the cat guides on how it error Carry them started
  • 04:35: here and hovering Sayuzdruk times stepson chemical process apartment here means ends rather than buy them absurdity we did with him long for continued work
  • 05:12: on device for layout for this purpose I bought two student protractor aluminium taken to a I gather some and I will
  • 05:50: lock the player 360 then here in degrees This flange which Mom made the rush Staff in the butt I cut a groove which will respectively diameter of the circumcision transporters deep well, there is a horde half a millimeter or simple sketches glue this I will have already complete range
  • 06:20: may cover protective varnish that I dream to release and then in the end Basically everything has get so no transporting crop We have already done. thread value
  • 06:50: different diameters to 7 I have not sought endure because simply pierce 55 types on the floor millimeter and here so it will look he was there
  • 07:22: super-glue replays and all have work everything works
  • 07:52: notes sydnei has its devices is pillar in other words poured first place I wanted to new then we not just fiddled welded existing we do not work
  • 08:22: leveling course so now the furniture should you stop at the machine casing here Well, in general I took
  • 08:53: I sort out billet end new and spent markup then it means to marking not I dragged purely chord We have measured not turned out that diameter 60 of our holes on the ford it turns 30 ie millimeters Basically all it coincided I get work I understand that all the same farm when there is no anything on hand that basically it is
  • 09:23: if applicable method it will help someone then I will be very happy Well what a pier Of course, it is desirable will be transported shadow unpainted such is acidic ie extruded that is, in the first place there line more the same route in Secondly, unlike painted man tries here printing means enter the 2 transportation cheese different one
  • 09:53: on the other First Painting and line thickness so no matter how I I tried early the error will be with Given that opening generally drill more than must insignificant I think the displacement a great error modest guests Well that's all