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Restoration of Ni CAD of accumulators from the screw gun, the last best version of restoration!  See details »

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  • 00:00: general of the batteries not up will experiment which I suggested there other people so at We 0 millivolts the voltage at the battery is already one I'm just on the charge I show that runs short distilled if water fill not the fact that battery will rise by the way the battery does not go and
  • 00:30: Pieces of old took his campaign yet dries and acid and everything in the world will so that's the truth here from one syringe Well there is a little cube more than one cube distsilirovannoy water
  • 01:00: the rest is all of batteries from banks I picked up here and so I chatted but mixed pour in battery throw It took them only I pour almost cube Now look at what is not
  • 01:35: again on zero as will but it is to be pushed not have more as 03 mV 07 millivolt only priborchik
  • 02:08: I'll leave until I charge more than close you. not seen since Now we push it BATTERY I do not know the camera but no one can see a large there is a spark
  • 02:42: she sparkles Now at the same time impregnated and slightly push it such movements well As usual good so that the charge to 1 and 3 so makarom remember
  • 03:14: this until either I priborchik fit probes So clubs I have thin wires I serve under the boil boiling process has begun there
  • 03:44: gurgles shorter in both gurgles a little bit so the wire heated up we have established almost so here it is 1 and 3 volts Now we set the pattern
  • 04:14: he keeps it there One water as a pancake capacitor discharged here 125 100 milliampere that is, it is an ideal restoration of the idea of the campaign is not only water evaporates my first case why am I to water
  • 04:44: flooded because They were fresh but they that's not for me turned restore it here It is thanks all who prompted that is, as we see held since today see how many We already passed over here for more fifty-two did not originally ran Well there are 10 bit just to listen now for the general charging 7 minutes 1 charging current bank 500 more milliamps here
  • 05:14: also, too, he kept does not fall if Now here I of this same party battery We observe and reduce inserting January 29 volts selects the top 500 milliamps beginning look at the current that it happens will go here 492 87 until the measured capacitance
  • 06:02: but then begins fall but in principle I had already begun to fall that's two minutes of charging Solid full charge and be able to 2 milliamps and we movements you see allegedly went to fall charged and we see these holds
  • 06:32: so the beam voltage see here Here one can see that they are still not charged to here as already overcharging but there dry sides seen that the water will be drained it is not clear what else milliamps here already 67 here already 9 320 i.e Here is my method it but with one channel proviso that it
  • 07:03: add to slightly acid from I took the batteries charged batteries stand for distilled water is now going to those ream not Well worth now 200 He took out puts we are for the unbelievers charging here keeps watch
  • 07:33: here for July 4th here supposedly 13 of all charged all but here on the ringlet garbage can be seen here is that evaporated Vodicka there are also thermo valve but thermo This valve is very
  • 08:04: rarely works usually liquid before leaving for low as the battery You think the world too we drilled We put back next I drill a thread somewhere in one place is something battery can was put thus hole It was at the top and the liquid is not distributed over battery We went well here soon
  • 09:02: just push and not have because some battery charge has a little slowly Chief pancake there today deflate syringe needle something not melted Dad grabbed at least at the same time this is now
  • 09:32: liquid before it is we like you called plus we then the whole staircase then there is soldered good speech probably the rollers 1
  • 10:03: honeycombs Current holds but sees all night nishtyak thanks to all who suggested that there ideal is there are roughly take 80 percent distilled 20 per cent of water is here charged fluid from a The battery can be old pancake there are literally black a pair of syringes you need to upload
  • 10:33: vacuum and there on little need somewhere 5 milliliters quite a few he top 5 milliliters aha zero to five milliliters probably because I was okay Now here fluid dolyu and put on you charge Watch this video shorter the separate here and to make out now! adding that it see here on the This probably all to
  • 11:05: and this roller perhaps now more than certified by the add how much we turned container close almost bepeshku considers well here respectively gather data So I add that this battery in we have charged both We see 500 milliamperes AC voltage is 139 days 4 Capacity 545 600 ie intermeddle yet
  • 11:37: Mama Do not Cry ie I bet mode restoration of all It runs to the hole We see not sealed to the same acid out has dried up here now we have the idea He sealed a little bit can still pour vodichki Kapelush q just like a little the first time I have added there is almost a cube milliliter but
  • 12:07: a little bit and that's all dry matter bit and the commandment if the data battery is fully working on it all all thanks to all good luck