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Fungus of Nails NATIONAL METHODS of 100% of DISPOSAL! from Cand.Tech.Sci. of Rybnikov Yury Stepanovich #клэп

Fungus of Nails NATIONAL METHODS of 100% of DISPOSAL! from Cand.Tech.Sci. of Rybnikov Yury Stepanovich #клэп  See details »

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  • 00:00: me one of important means today you all who watch TV without see the end of the advertisement how to treat fungus Nails and other stuff There are two ways one the way that I know from my mother and the second way I prompted our respected listener
  • 00:31: So I will start with Nibiru no blue italy it said to call he did not find your sure to mention announced only if You can be sure better to let our people do not spend money on the shit that we advertises must my patients Novki Arthur is a rare one We must be very much the you need three or four month treatment you We need daily
  • 01:02: steam out legs water about 50 degrees and soda there drinking you their dispute then buy when you buy until this peroxide hydrogen prepare and sachets and each nail imposes on nail well soaked hydrogen peroxide
  • 01:33: grip and tie PE some well fingers here such goal or plastic bag and at night in the morning go shooting day at night again to steam and ash daily at every means again making operation hydrogen peroxide tied in a bag
  • 02:04: to release the oxygen is not done and again peroxide hydrogen and in so within three months These undercutting marigolds for you three persons on our Eleanor day on the beach my poor have to do so not scary you fix your Novki and it will normal the second method is that but allow candles especially one many do not smell well it now
  • 02:36: then you take I emphasize not fear acetic essence ie those selling forceps with curved these gadgets invest here a bunch of wool palest hue the matches in the morning people gently rub All soles all cracks your all but the first and second time torture in the patch
  • 03:07: neat why because if you strongly on the junction Leather soles and you will burn so first quietly and then every day and increases well if you warm the Wait until the pain will if you do not warm Cleaning the next day, she again gently wipe But if you each day is expensive Tamara in three days and so within a month
  • 03:37: you simply wipe their both under the fingers as where there are these between fingers neatly it all thing you will take all disease fungal important to then throw away all the old socks and dressed all clean every time day I was on. all of this is two important means are needed for normal Secondly why your legs stop
  • 04:07: to hurt you more easily you will walk feel ease their feet and well, and Th confidence reliance and behold you need means for maintain the spirit and health often add said second means I I am using just recent six months ago very very Spirits in October end of the Ilya with me a particularly
  • 04:37: when I went to the planets photo shoot conditions heavy course It never happened wash take off one's shoes literally beyond his years in these trenches so this the problem faced graphically because all and begins to lose not when I tried tell him about this problem his method He shared with me
  • 05:07: I do not use month I make once it is applied to their experience can say yes to something somewhere Time it took me to is to cure feet as I I was still here this itch who knows his just itching right up blisters Using this one Sons I have a week but I have cured when it was tried condition of possibility soar legs He burned his feet and then
  • 05:38: I used it so do not be afraid but We can only be extremely neat and afraid it is not necessary for some reason because it is generally it kills the patient then healthy skin then for prevention visits can be labeled with to wipe prevention who knows what the summer and it left like this quietly