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Quenelles soup on chicken broth. Chicken quenelles soup. Fast soup.  See details »

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  • 00:00: Hello today I want to offer you soup with meatballs on chicken broth [music] what are we to you for this will be needed chicken stock already ready mince chicken for meatballs pasta a two slices of bread
  • 00:30: milk or cream me cream and spices alice bay leaf the garlic is dry vegetable oil or olive oil salt and carrots on I put the plate will be for cooking the pasta is boiling water we are in milk or cream we shall wet our bread for meatballs the water is bending me I a little bit podsalivaem and omit
  • 01:00: our macaroons as makkols on our We weld them with salt water and add a little bit vegetable or with olive oil and otstavim for our soup, we are you will prepare carrot with asterisks I now I'll show you how this is done I'm doing this knife and you you can do it in
  • 01:32: in general, vegetable cuttings and there is such a thing device where can be done vegetable cutter and in general then like this in Russian just take out the vegetable cutter is there special thing such for grooves I do it by hand and here's the shinny look
  • 02:05: how beautiful we are it turns out and soup it very beautiful looks babies love very much when beautiful beautiful soup here so we will have with you carrots are sliced carrots spread our broth is our broth is being prepared with carrots we will cook with
  • 02:36: you in minced meat for meatballs mincemeat me chicken grams two hundred and now begin to cook it add our soaked bread in milk or cream squeezing it well add garlic I have ground add the pepper y I have several kinds pepper if you do not want
  • 03:06: Do not add salt and begin to knead our farmer than we longer you will knead it will be denser commemorate carefully form meatballs take a little bit like this and that's how their do
  • 03:38: can a spoon who like can I immediately say that I make soup for two or three servings since the family has we are small and you are already in the proportions I give in end of the video and you are already increasing and do it on your own
  • 04:09: family so look, I mean did here such and yes I 'll show you how I am I'll go straight to the broth Spoon if you do not because minced chicken he always such are liquid and therefore it is possible and a spoon it I'll show you I will omit these meatballs and I'll do it again spoon straight away in broth meatballs I spread our broth of boiling one thing like this
  • 04:43: neatly get on well and as promised I'll show you how you can make meatballs by two spoons of spoon be sure to moisten take the stuffing and like this here you are doing meatballs because she round such
  • 05:15: it turns out again 1 take a lay out in the second form and ti like this looking for that round it turned out and here see a round one on it turns out and so all your you can lay out and a spoon spoons I think
  • 05:45: see you see [music] our meatballs are already practically welded reduce what they are beautiful round have turned out pretty now we are here with you add our pasta that we before decoction and look how are you
  • 06:24: beautifully with us it turned out with you soup with meat balls and such interesting macaroni I took not noodles but right here are some buys beech it is interesting for children and adults too interesting all the soup our will get ready add laurel one leaf dosalivaem to taste give a minute more
  • 06:55: shake off and set the table I prepared the court with prisoners meatballs and now I'm just him someone likes greens and Someone is not, but I'm like this here's a drop greens I invite you to the most pleasant appetite subscribe to do not miss out new video recipes put it where liked the recipe
  • 07:25: and most importantly comment and ask share with their recipes