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How to fry a crucian or the bream without bones? How to fry carp or bream off the bone?  See details »

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  • 00:00: Hello dear friends with you dmitry and today we will prepare these that's wonderful and on special recipes and was and cook without bones now I'll show you how it's done in addition to these three carp still took these things also cook and see what we have it turns out that he is for We need this knife and just clean their beautiful cleaned and except themselves to Russia with us still remained here
  • 00:30: such a cup of caviar or too, you can fry and it will be very tasty well except for we still have Russia such three handsome which are also needed process and prepare for frying to what am I now proceed so friends in general
  • 01:01: had me a little bit will work from this fish to clean well, everything passed very well in the result turned out such a cup of fish and such a cup game too fire and so what is the secret cooking fish without bones in general we take dipping a fish and do such specific incisions 1 time 1
  • 01:34: that is, incisions carry out parallel here like this this way that he is now visible and so that we turned out rhomboid shape do the same in reverse order that's it, friends. cooked a fish more accurately prepared and their frying here we have it turned out here are interesting fish very useful and
  • 02:05: most likely the bone here just are located and will not be deliver some inconveniences at already consumption of finished hands and so we have in process cooking fish we soaked smell its bouquet salt and fish should be prepared and I think very much so dear friends part of our fish is already 1 year is ready for the present and the whole a
  • 02:36: the second I have almost sat down actually very delicious fish and very interesting because our fish is divided on such Interesting segments thanks in our cuts and in the end we we get such here pieces that contains a small number of bones which you can eat and do not steam at all about the fact that you choke on bones
  • 03:07: Thank you for attention all bye all pleasant appetite husky before new meetings