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Fungus of nails? Simple and best means  See details »

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  • 00:00: best way to fungus treatment except that the fungus nail can hardly be call pleasant sight so it is still represents serious problem health this the case of the most common treatment itself comprises but these antibiotics drugs can cause some unpleasant side effects advise turn to folk remember what medicine before you start solve this problem
  • 00:30: so you get faster positive moreover result if tightened glowing fungus it can cause further problems of complication with health we offer you the easiest and the best means to Anti-fungus nail Ingredients necessary for him cooking certainly have to kitchen of every housewife We need food soda and apple cider vinegar these two components
  • 01:00: very effective Anti-fungal mode of application a small bowl pour apple vinegar and hold feet for 20 minutes then wipe dry Now pour in a bowl of water and soak your feet on those 20 minutes after the add water and soda leave the legs soared by 20 minutes this procedure should perform several
  • 01:31: every day and previously washed and dried the feet if you repeat this Fungus on procedure they disappear after few weeks Thank you for Attention write comments place the assessment and subscribe to channel