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  • 00:00: want ultra trendy scarf you easily make it your hands without skill knitting, even without spokes my claims I girlfriend handsome. Volkova meet on the done by hand scarf without a list, we can these hotels handles you have already learned to knit such a wide scarf it turned out that this easy enough but I understand that today the new trendy scarf out it does not stand still each time to invent
  • 00:30: something interesting and unusual Here is such a scarf It seems to think very thin, lightweight a fader that become even Blessed track ball but nevertheless it RELATED too without use Needle and it is a good deal for us important because generally spoke it Special Skills need possession technique then we will all do without it and certainly the most important that this trend this season once in vogue entered these beautiful scarves even Pskov necklace immediately all celebrities We picked up the fashion and I have seen
  • 01:00: pictures where there is scarves and such Christina Aguilera and Alexa Chung but as for to create a beautiful scarf necklace do not need experts and even knitting skills I think not Only women can cope with this challenge but also men who never knitting or even and not even dreamed like I'm ready experiment if we all men who are willing to enough so little York it is very small hands and I understand that I have already a chill on the back it was that same
  • 01:30: It means men do not They love their women it's the same for my wife here and so hang her on the neck it will happy to go You understand you or not Well at least one well who came with their wives today raise please hand and as I see it some wives helping their husbands raise hands like this I love my husband is very I am very shy scarf so I want I believe he has grown you call my name Alexander often
  • 02:00: knit absolutes them and want to knit Well, you can learn could try Now I would like to meet here the man who It was the most courageous and I said, Hello how you name Alexander as all men today alexander alexander i you came with his wife thuggee she is happy shining next because you raise your hand you want to do please her or I love to learn new skills to experiment self test well certainly make for beloved pleased and who else
  • 02:30: Hello Hello how you call my name and volume and your spouse Daria you novel ever knit anything or can have sewed or they are on I was embroidering you cross embroidered dori cross it though apparently true and you have not seen this above it was a long time ago of men We are committed to to men darling promotivirovat that's the spirit I want to rivalry invite you to
  • 03:01: Who will make it more nice and neat scarf option segment so to speak little because do not it will be on time I will offer your wife here such here's a nice step which we all now! Mannequin gift everyone wants a scarves will be there softly to her husband, and so All you need now! will have two Alexandrov and novel please you and us tell me what you need to such
  • 03:31: scarf to tie get a scarf can really actually take a 800 hryvnia and or buy 700 hryvnia or do it own hands and it will cost us only 65 hryvnia so much and we necessary in order to buy one hank is 100 grams about 150 m best of course take 6 half with cotton or with acrylic is will cushy and will be worn good to wear off most well perfect option more varied no more beautiful to those
  • 04:01: certainly more original get on the ball as the we see it can be monotonous and can be like this here when there is a melange plexus some not really most simple thread Here is such a subtly she sold really motochek can cost 65g even a little less but this one too thin for this scarf we will be obtained here Such are the very air hinges because to made more so we can massive sharp or take to get Well then this thread It would be more expensive or take motochek and rewind his three threads that
  • 04:32: We have half an hour a ball and there are three strings but then get In short it is not It prevents us associate good long step is precisely this skein that we will go to the three strands enough to make at least four turns and their can be assured as you want but Now I see that men right in a numbness and yes jester kitten rejoice when the kind of tangle thread and men once feared you are wrong yet nothing You are doing just watch making Olya will knit
  • 05:03: just four fingers and so we do we take tail and begin to carefully thread the one hundred and four fingers here such a wave of one finger after another one after another, until City war depends I understand correctly the thicker the fingers luxuriant loops Well actually yes, we we can pull enough thread keen to but to reduce the loop if children fingers will be the date very small Now we go back only this time the other fingers so
  • 05:33: way we get clear on the one hand the line and likewise with the other hand now we We do all the same once again wave through his fingers and back I understand that even It does not matter which side turning to his arm or back palm principle knitting the same until such legkotnya but that even shark good there is not very so we've got two by a number of interested where did you get the idea knit without needles you
  • 06:03: You know even the last Just when we took I talked about the hands is that mommy loves travel the aircraft is not always allowed to metal spokes and she came up Different options like you can knit all carelessness even me You do not have to explain it works for me to carry on on his hands and she knits here we are the fingers it also I learned to knit I felt very interesting but on the whole, and so I needlewoman many things are not underlined keep palm to him and Now we need to bottom line throw at the top Thumb through ie
  • 06:33: we take a loop which was formed on the little finger and discharged from a finger without fear that she will lose her already nowhere have we not It goes away and we are so We do every finger of times dropped just threw and that's it because we still have to free easy toss ago actually the first row we have already prepared it very small and generally it is not visible yet but as soon as we We continue the same way fold the tabs one by one we We see how about increase on the scarf Now we again take
  • 07:03: thread on which we glomeruli and again just only already once forward and ago We go every time we should formed two a number of upper and lower we apply our bottom on top of each loop on the fingers disappeared one hand I mean, we started with this side all while on this side does not matter, we and we can take eg to make first one finger then ring Then little finger finger sequence
  • 07:33: reset loops It did not have values that's all I welcome such niece exactly same method weaves of the gums bracelets principle exactly the same only instead of fingers it uses the fork and similarly, throws a loop in he gets here So clip so very, very thin turn into bracelet we continue to tail that we we formed constantly So he tightens in we begin to grow Men First Class as of yet
  • 08:04: the theory is clear legkotnya well, that we will let's try We applaud and begin We start with the index finger there is a wave in one towards the back the other somehow too quickly my yes yes do not do Do you have Only 3 minutes on After these three Olechka minutes appreciate the resulting work and one at whether those who did not get a nice neater longer
  • 08:34: and he will receive gift for her precious little wife that's smth. like soft scarf necklace. Well, until the time comes full three minutes you may tell that here it is a not like scarves and headband yes and there is a bandage my niece they gave me constantly when things matter and give me I also want such a Teach although sometimes even I have something I am learning really These dressings are associated also on the same principle as a scarf we just sang
  • 09:04: together, either in a pigtail or between a a needle a little wider than I later show how do 3 but small segment there is so much speed males have evolved seems that some Olechka of them before you learned it do not very pleased turn out well effective that I tell sekretik But for a little pull the tail then will gets very beautiful so fine Now I stick I understand what it means impossible see a lot of burning flame current water men who
  • 09:34: knit ball for a wife is very nice but the Still it remains 10 seconds as well as the way finish mating Let us stop then you will tell and men and we like it do it right necessary 5 4 3 2 1 now stop It seems that the wife Olechka tell us
  • 10:05: Your scarf is not necessary that the our husbands knit better like in any matings we were not time to stop example to drink tea break loop we can remove the the only thing that some pencil or in bumazhechki we can loop then put it it was convenient to return knitting as we finish finish As usual all the loops we have to throw one to the other for so that they just shut this thing we shoot 2 loops to example of this ring finger and and one little finger
  • 10:36: loop throws the second we release loop from the middle and the finger loop that we had to ring jumped on average finger time principle such that one loop should rub 2 as the fence 1 to 2 1 2 1 2 accordingly they all end we have a loop we just Top of time thrown and pulled like so delayed Now otrezochek we reserve centimeters better than 20
  • 11:06: in order to be It was then tie scarf and we It is the last eyelet otrezochek and we otrezochek penetrate loop and thus we get all loops collected well that Olechka More commends the work I go collect your micro scarves shall be very difficult to assess because all it happened a hundred percent to a little bit faster do something but a lot slower
  • 11:36: properly done without errors in fact all managed by one reason men's business knitting originally this was done man really and then only We adopted this woman and began to be in this because experts ancestral skills The film looks at the points you thin fingers you are well delayed thread and your scarves It looks like cords male threads are not delayed and fingers they certainly thicker so their scarves wide air is it is possible even to
  • 12:06: choose how to weave to obtain or narrow scarf or a wide air and so we will evaluate Alexander and novel here we have a very It was a small rate remains in we have two options which are no less well done slightly different in length blue us but as long as it turns out in the end it is already visible I went a little hurry hold up slightly while the style of the loop but it can also be need to fix a good pull Now since we are now We commend perfect result
  • 12:36: I believe that red scarf is very well flat loop tightened I believe that this winner and now the promised let gift a little bit this time Hold as long as I I want to show what we make a scarf when it is fully ready we We get such Length Length the valley Depending on how many turns we we want to get is knitted scarf and We still have two here just such a tail we can simply
  • 13:06: link the on uzelochek They carpenters friend the friend they will press and can leave in order to receive as mannequin we knot before as bind to one of the sides we do here such a loop and nodule then connect the two as part of a bundle overtighten into place where we docked two turns we close this place and we get such a beautiful uzelochek which Basically when the flower can look that As for the dressing here
  • 13:36: We need to tie three stripes on volume of the head I remember as it is now on the helmet I snowboard beat off the beaten path and sambo centimeter usually and dub but always you can just pick up and measure how necessary in order to do the job we take 3 strings add them side by side together for to all three stripes combine we take each other and a needle picture just gently sew or just even rope which we stayed it can also thread the through even without loop
  • 14:07: needles accordingly we Now get this here polosochka connected three parts and woven between themselves in order to make a braid interval should be little bit more at least 10 centimeters and do supply needs to be done three segments then we they just start weave in the pigtail Now when the master complete class every man in this a country that in certain he will make to make a gift to his favorite bound We Scarf hands We are giving a gift
  • 14:37: today winner Alexander Welcome back Hello alexander well as you generally jibe first time I just saw grandmother knits her children These rezinochki and I decided to make the most this wire and you children who are girls boys and girls, and three girls and who you are Office of the profession stocks you see man all professions may They want something interesting
  • 15:07: knit you won molodchinka managed simply on Hooray take your scarf raduyte wife thanks Thank you so much Alexander and novel you perfectly I'm sure coped that you too Got bruised Olya Thank you hi friends you I liked this video then put the Huskies leave your comments share this video with your friends and subscribe to our channel and all you
  • 15:37: good