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Crème Pâtissière custard - how to prepare a tasty dessert - the basic easy recipe  See details »

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  • 00:00: before you do not know how you and I adore French pastries especially if in it eat curry and most cases he bewitches confectionary cream patissier cook and home conditions they are absolute that's it today and we will take up a small the pot is poured out half a liter of milk [applause] send them with milk
  • 00:33: and include a moderate fire container for whipping is separated from proteins 5 yolks sent there chic and the main task is all here we will visit raise almost white homogeneous mass fodder flour and
  • 01:09: we do not forgot and stir add flour slightly to become the same in without interruption whisk that such welded again the whole mass poured into a pan stirring constantly
  • 01:43: bring cream to thickening a couple of slices butter will help protect Cream-care breath I also before ugly surfaces blanks remained cool it and use by appointment here and the very beginning difficult to resist and do not eat the cream before cooling all the time traffic jams are very delicious to put you
  • 02:14: you can file a cream as independent dessert with such be feasible with a tube you were Sasha Kukin time diversion yet till [music] in a small saucepan castrum
  • 02:44: can be used in independent submitted it as full-fledged dessert with some with tubes forgot that wanted to say