Vyacheslav Nikitin

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The directing tire for a circular saw the hands  See details »

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  • 00:00: just want offer your version of the guide Tires for circular I saw that collided rubles and still not It happens so smoothly ticket so you need with some emphasis option in the Internet but a lot of offers your since all almost added use manual mill this mill is not all available and not all of it need I have much easier option not know
  • 00:31: like it or there is not even offer look took two corner he had attached a little they are less slots converge Bolts not glory and because there is so I think the gap sufficiently pulled 2 Gas angle bolts i
  • 01:03: I think life is difficult and work itself and a frame also take into account the raised Right on the corner the height of the frame gave it is attached to a frame I apologize if I did not seen for the first time shoot and it is an option bolts drowned they did not cling to any of
  • 01:33: that its very meaning Further along the same track down saw blade and opened it remained of laminate here somewhere centimeter is designated for yourself where the dimensions before the drive that is when something needs to be saw off the insert
  • 02:03: directly at risk because that it's right on the risk and before the 30 version of the house with suitable fastening specially made Here services Clamp the same can clamp on grab the edge picked sawed off I think affordable what options are available buy for 8000 3 meter line is not
  • 02:33: too harsh use location I will be glad to be useful