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Knitting by a hook the Lesson 247 How to knit a square of Crochet granny square  See details »

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  • 00:00: Start at the peak of the moving agency 4 Start any
  • 00:32: fur coat 3d 4 then we do nokia on the hook Italians but moving drink Nikitin Further I'm one air fives I began to write on the banks so
  • 01:10: repeat of the poor in the evening However, air games nokia and so on until the end of our all we get 12 poster the earliest of which is simulated chain of the airway Now you can pull moving loop
  • 01:42: and among I will be the last and criticism through connecting Beijing first row ready second case we will wait for the thread of a different color Yes it is Air obstacle drink Petlin day rise
  • 02:12: and then will bind previous park here for this We are doing 13 on the hook kryachok encircle the previous code arch We grab a working thread and and British, he draws her fall Keita Then we repeat two more times do in Artek hook for the podium and the British original loop and
  • 02:44: third time we do martins Zabotin chants and intoxication drags criticism etc. However, the facts the operating point is not dragging despaired all used and only here first board Ilya Yashin Further air Petlin then another trench in the park exactly the same God
  • 03:14: OSCE St. Petersburg Budkin then again I'm in the game air picnic for the subsequent box Kapkov Sling revaluation
  • 03:51: Doll and here we have traditionally what types of Buffon Further oblige air Petlin Makes 2 Macheda on the hook nak column because I show them the order of column of Nazism now again
  • 04:27: 3 bioshock air Petlin and further then the next park native cubes and in the sphere of activity oil I do not know repeated Where
  • 04:59: air picnic future park Raghad Saddam Kruglov and then in the same way again and now we
  • 05:36: 3 Buffon is ready now again legalize Area contract as I showed do air column of the other neo-Nazis to discern the straight Now this table orders 03 air Pikin and further
  • 06:10: oblige Next year grant our square because I It showed ears 2 GHz when reactor will roll ends and simultaneously It remains the first and connect last rehearsal using Friedman disciples I who are willing you can start with the yuschem next year during one knows it another color
  • 06:40: often enjoyable air travel then he makes Cyprus the hook kryachok enter the path of the previous he passing overstated column nokia It binds to the same another to a standstill hundred nokia tune Further
  • 07:15: tied 3 column site is not albeit against the next park and just as I did Yashchuk Baroness and then park
  • 08:01: Robertson net loss hundreds nokia Now proceed to the clearance angle for this race held Beijing has plastic and then I am well three columns Hundreds pack subsequent park further lease will not be repeated in exactly the
  • 08:47: the same Now clearly it is given to the end It left only to connect I and the last and all connection now proceed to the publication next year I do not have a boat or about 1 east b rise and then each peak justification King know of in the deadlock will be specified
  • 09:19: negative why is that the end of this game they of contract you like me bound and there is no need Contents corner tractor for this hurdle bar column one boiling
  • 09:50: patkar CCES air 5 l which are about google I therefore do they Daniyar air Pitera and the foundation of two columns hundreds Meken that is, the point and here we area
  • 10:24: ready then we continue the recognition of the bars become menyakin at the base of every penny the end of following in Iran So pensioners will be repeated and here was such joy in the square I turned Depending on what color will use any effect can very different drought and business
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