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5 Ideas from 5 liter plastic bottles \/ 5 ideas about reusing 5 liter plastic bottles

5 Ideas from 5 liter plastic bottles \/ 5 ideas about reusing 5 liter plastic bottles  See details »

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  • 00:00: Hi guys! Today I’ve prepared 5 ideas about what can be made from 5 liter plastic bottles. In case if your water supply was temporarily cut off or there is no tap in your workshop or garage and you urgently need to wash your hands, it’s not a problem. Take a 5 liter plastic bottle and make a DIY watering can from it. Make a small hole slightly above the bottom of your bottle, tightly cover the hole with your finger as you fill the bottle with water. Then put on the bottle cap and your DIY watering can is ready to be used. You just need to slightly unscrew the bottle cap, wash your hands and again screw the bottle cap.
  • 00:31: The flow of your water will stop under the influence of vacuum. You can also make a temporary dish rack or dish drier. Of course this DIY project is rather useful when moving into a new house, I think this project is best for summer kitchen. It is very easy and simple to make a DIY dish rack. You just need to make a few cuts to fit plates into. You can also use to bottle as a rack for spoon and forks that is why let us make a few cuts for them too.
  • 01:04: Let us cut off the plastic bottle neck. Then let us cut out a hole having placed the bottle neck on the plastic bottle shoulder and having traced the plastic bottle neck around. Now let us insert the plastic bottle neck into the hole. Let me fit my plates. We’ve made a DIY plastic bottle dish rack. In case if every time you go to the grocery store you have to carry have bags that cause strain injures to your hands, resort to the following life hack. Take a 5 liter plastic bottle handle and tie a knot around the plastic bottle handle as shown in the video.
  • 01:34: It will get a lot easier to carry heavy bags if you resort to this life hack. It is also pretty easy to untie the grocery bag handles and they won’t get damaged. By the way with the help of a plastic bottle shoulder you can copy your key. It is so because the plastic bottle shoulders and bottom are made of is usually thicker than the plastic used for the rest of a bottle. Thus you will manage to may a more durable key that won’t bent easily. First of all let us heat a key with a lighter or a candle.
  • 02:05: Primarily you need to focus not on the heat temperature but rather on the soot that will form later. Let us pull the scotch tape off the key. Thus we will transfer the traces of the key onto a scotch tape. Now let us stick the scotch tape onto the plastic piece. In the end we only need to cut around the key image and our key copy is ready. That is why let us test it out. Of course the plastic bottle key is not solid enough to unlock the door lock that is why we need to insert a screwdriver to help unlock it.
  • 02:38: Let me share the last idea about other use there is or a plastic bottle handle. Let me share my idea. I think it will help you to easily transport steel tubes, reinforcement steel and so on. This idea is especially suitable if you’ve got a few long and thin reinforcement steel bars. You don’t need to bind them together beforehand, just slide a plastic bottle handle onto a steel reinforcement bar and start pulling it. Although one plastic bottle handle is pretty firm for the sake of reliability you can use two handle at a time. Today’s edition is over. Well done, guys. There is even no need to ask you to support me. Have a good day! Bye, bye!