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Lesson 11. How to connect a circle by columns without nakid without seams (on a spiral).  See details »

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  • 00:00: Hello dear I needlewoman welcome you to channel knit hook with my name Olga and in this tutorial I I show how to knit a circle of pillars without sc without a seam that is, a circle in a spiral It looks neat and used for Lease Do not hats toys that we It needs this yarn hook it suitable in size and some token from me this special such plastic
  • 00:30: bulavochkoy you can if you have such a bulavochek no use not like a different color skrepochku or ordinary bulavochku fix it as a marker and so let proceed as usual to I started knitting any circle, we need to make an initial sliding loop knit thread on
  • 01:00: his left hand on his finger left hand so that the tip of looking at you once we wrap working thread around the index finger Left thumb Stick to your hands interbreeding between middle and ring finger stifle working thread it should you be tensioned introduce hook under the ring which finger grab working thread and
  • 01:31: pull loop and without releasing ring We pull another loop are all now holding it related and shoot pizza with fingers here at we turned moving loop when provyazyvaniya the first row of my we'll hook introduced into the loop and so Getting Started Knitting first row a little closer and
  • 02:07: wall that was best seen in the first row at provyazyvaniya circle and bar without nakida we should be 6 columns with which you air loop is I have yet provyazyvayu 5 bars people gave 3 4 May I now carefully pull the tip thread
  • 02:43: to tighten the ring the entire ring is tightened Now when we were binding usual round we usually connect end and the beginning knitting connection column here do not we need to immediately We continue to knit on spiral in the second row we It should be compared with first row
  • 03:15: will be added to the 6 loops and all subsequent rows will need to make six of increases air loop introduce hook introduce hook in the air loop and provyazyvaem First row 1 column 2 in the same loop more one column 12 knit marker assigned to the first
  • 03:48: loop series here it Bitch knitting 2 so she fixes here at we will next row further in each loop previous row provyazyvaem two column, without sc all should get 2 rows 12 columns
  • 04:18: 1234 filament tip immediately Refill 5 6 7 8 nine and ten last loop
  • 04:48: 1112 two series finished brand until we remove and so now proceed knitting 3 rows in third row we Again you need to add 6 bars six times and then make allowances there will we will knit 2 column in one loop 2 single column 1 column in the 1 st
  • 05:19: So in one single first loop do the first increase provyazyvaem 2 column in one loop 1 and 2 and the anchoring So we handle knit in the first January 2 eyelet for we click This will mark early next Now a number and one single column You could hinge on one column This is followed again loop 2 and column 1 in
  • 05:50: the same second loop next Petrunin very column next loop 2 column in one loop 1 and in the same loop again further second single column Further increase again 2
  • 06:20: column in one loop February 1st so we were binding up end of the series do gain through one that is, between a loop each with a double columns one single we started to knit
  • 06:56: number creaking benches so at last you should have single column three rows can be ready remove brand Getting knitting 4 series do increase at the end of the group if we are in the third row between increments provyazyvali one
  • 07:27: a single column of the Now we will knit between increments of 2 single columns knit first single bars in turn increase After this group So the first column once we fix and a second marker column two columns one linked next st growth in 2 columns one loop and another one
  • 07:58: one in the same loop Further back are two column one 1 two next st increase one same loop second Further Individually 1 2 2 Further
  • 08:28: gain one iwatch loop 2 so we were binding until the end a number first series we single knitting 2
  • 08:58: in the column means the latest of a number of loop we must get double column gain It obtained in the the last loop to this series and dovyazali March choose here at us on the 4 rows like you have noticed that each row in us knitting goes on the following principle between increments in each row is added to one single pillar of the if in the first row 6 mated in the second
  • 09:30: series make allowances in each loop in third row we We did gain through one loop in fourth row we We did gain through two in the loop next row we have to do gain in three Loop has a the time is not necessary do to gain the same places if you do it will do you soon q your turn to similarity
  • 10:00: hexagon Try and watch alternate in previous row we did increase here here means this times it can be done either here or here We do business in beginning in our no the beginning we second loop means Now here you are in the first loop we provyazyvaem Single column 1 anchoring marker further increase do
  • 10:36: 2 columns in one loop day at home etc. provyazyvaem 3 column one in each loop 1 2 3 increase day 23
  • 11:08: increase 123 gain 123 gain 12
  • 11:41: three gain and if you remember the first series We knit one a single column their increments between within It means the end of the series there should be 2 single machines So they have loops engine 1 and 2 were remove marker next row between
  • 12:12: increments provyazyvaem 4 single column Looking where to do an increase in the previous number gain was 0 here let's means her do after all 4 single columns he is here provyazyvaem 4 single column first knit consolidated marker 1234 increase
  • 12:54: 1234 increase so we were binding until the end number of increments between solitary kidney with table, people almost dovyazala until the end series began remember we row with 4 singles
  • 13:24: columns mean the end shall be increase marker Now remove this circle we get as you can see there no seams are not visible connections between views that's very nice It obtained as the same be when we finishing knit circle here we just provyazyvaem one connective
  • 13:55: column, and that's all CUT thread here this circle we I turned on it all if you like lesson leave your Insert comments class and do not forget subscribe to my Thank you all for the channel view to new meetings