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Bezlimitishche's Smart how to swing from a torrent, we bypass restriction

Bezlimitishche's Smart how to swing from a torrent, we bypass restriction  See details »

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  • 00:00: Hello people at microphone gun today he decided show and tell how to remove the constraint on 3 free мтс smart no-limit for so that you become work torrent so that the trend was normal speed and in general, so he rocked as is known at this tariff opportunity torrent downloads trackers ogres it is forbidden in general disabled and now I I'll show you how
  • 00:30: in general, this solve the problem let's download any torrent salute on random we will see glowed so let's go to the router choose the first
  • 01:04: caught torrent here 58 megabytes here some turtle ninja 2 swings so now
  • 01:36: let's see what speed we will have see 910 hump over so that in order to increase a speed just something you need configure the program go to settings program settings then choose bit torrent by the way, please note need a new version
  • 02:06: the torrent program download on old on some do not work select bit torrent and here it is enable encryption we set this here border and cartilage connections here all leave as is click apply see in front of you I began to rise quite far from of the city I can be strong will be but a maximum of
  • 02:38: I was accelerated to 400 kilobytes you are possible if you in a big city somewhere its 4g good catches you certainly will be well here that's I can also have watch my video how to unlock sim card smart unlimited search for work in you will find a modem from me videos on my channel today
  • 03:08: viewing in general you were Pushkin to all till