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Whether it is possible to restore sight in 1 day. Confidential way No. 1!

Whether it is possible to restore sight in 1 day. Confidential way No. 1!  See details »

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  • 00:00: how to restore its using vision you breathing system will perform Exercises are 75 percent of the cases provide immediately and improved vision you quite clearly You see the difference before and after we speak about the the main reason blurred vision and More than 100 50 major diseases practical doing the exercises you feel instant improvement vision and overall body condition how to recover a clear vision
  • 00:31: bunch of diseases simultaneously most well-known diseases through which crowded on our clinic and if the problem take into account the most offices health care has long been It was closed for uselessness how did manner whereby not only improves but the overall vision health somehow something somewhere it hurts rises pressure from behind it just gets worse seeing you deteriorating eyesight that within a month you exactly feel better not clear sight why exactly
  • 01:02: respiratory system breathing practice It is very important as breathing They say all systems healing all religious denominations breath They say in science and Medicine in Art how to breath linked to the health but why so many We talk about breathing and why do we have them little knows why it should still certain exercises prepare please advance places to practice us You will need to be small space where you You can perform exercises
  • 01:32: prone position I I'm Oleg Makhmetov mETHOD: The authors vision correction at respiratory assistance which already benefited more than two thousand people and also I am the founder of project system breathing 25 years I I do congratulations just not very interesting different systems most methods breathing systems is are general framework and see as an echo together the various System had an idea you need to create I contacted community with representatives
  • 02:02: these schools breathing litter BTK respiratory gymnastics we Strelnikovoj friends and very a lot from each other, we take a new and Helpful online this is not no such anywhere I initiator such community respiratory schools author correction of view author of numerous training courses gymnastics on output would be better breathing vision prevention varicose best Exercises for neck healthy joints relaxation breathing problem poor vision is not medical problem it is a problem of habit
  • 02:32: any ideology some are not visible from 18 people 13 ochkarikov really all bad vision if something happened just man put on spectacles although we know that the glasses no way a actually improve of view but we will not reflect and so the world's nearly 1 billion people suffer poor vision and only one percentage has a chance to recovery view because We have such very powerful propaganda points and operation
  • 03:02: Let's see operations in strabismus Strabismus is associated with the fact that some muscles Perry is strained state and then it turns out the eye as it begins drag some side appropriate and see how this you squint you begin to mow see demonstration eyes layout here visible cilia eyeball and such red stripes this oculomotor muscles below the outer eye muscles are the same
  • 03:32: external eye muscles the muscles of the eye from them depends on our focusing in the process accommodation coordinated the work of these we clearly see the muscles and if some muscle hard it shorten it spasm we have less focus our eyes happens squint one muscle It becomes shorter because of spasm or here rezinochke on you tie the knot it becomes shorter and this Busi log is that spasm to do so to align the eye you just need to
  • 04:02: This spasm remove this muscle strain you just need to relax healthy muscle cuts shortening and crosslinked it turns out that she Now this in length as opposite of what thus the eye Now that is aligned offered contemporary the main thing that medicine hall like it all applaud what miracle that's so magical actually a nightmarish way man returned normal removed or strabismus one word about what
  • 04:32: try gymnastics try alternative ways to remove strabismus word this unfortunately does not pronounced that we usually do if We deteriorating eyesight dress glasses I do not know a single person which will it helped glasses restore or if Would you like to watch into the distance consider some views you take in binocular telescope pipe treats that is, it tool that does does not improve eyesight is not vision changes and glasses exactly the same
  • 05:02: tool but in no way they do not affect the best not sight the idea the glasses must fix my eyesight Points in any way do not improve not recover vision they simply help us see as a normal like device Koster lame help even goes deterioration because how to deceive your brain saying that here's a look eye Our well-saw thanks to the points and then the body ceases to fight for recovery of view if without glasses ton once tried
  • 05:33: sending signals eyes would somehow tried so we focus We are fooling your brain worn if there was formed the main reason for not here is removed condition happens if they and their pear eyes and shop or nervous ie if the underlying cause not removed and you put on glasses it happens only minus deterioration -3 minus one and a half later 5 minus seven -15 -20 that we still do we do operations are dangerous
  • 06:03: costly operation again It gives a temporary effect well, let's say in Correction of the essence operations I will kill her the lens is changed but because the eye optics our vision eyes focus dependent on external oculomotor muscles they are spasmatic in strained state so Of course all of this operation temporarily will after a time again worsening we are trying to contact you perform some eye exercises are if Perry strained state of the tired represent
  • 06:33: how not hard convenient to their work move to draw vosmerochki watch at the point on the glass through it is difficult to considered to be why is that our atrophied muscles so they must but to practice In fact, our muscles spasmatic are contrary hypertonia and you need to relax and so we do not believe in these exercises they do not and then yet we have a guilt complex that now what we do not not organized We work with a I found out
  • 07:03: I offer to perform breathing physical exercise because eyes, this part of the body useless engage in eyes if all the body intoxicated and strained spasm after all us not only oculomotor spasmatic muscles in We all spasm the whole body musculature through our emotions of our psyche restraint and now this gymnastics it It helps track monitor and remove all the Trapped in the style of our age flow velocity information and fear
  • 07:33: for their relatives in fear and loans fear through news we in this strained states are that it is not for us Naturally we even not know their natural base foundation and this state deep relaxation if we relax We are in the deep just relax then we can make the right solutions make accurate movement of her husband on order active work to move I think if we have a feeling relax in the shade and when we spit
  • 08:03: strained tense body meets new voltage and hence feeling that you broken tired even though night so let inflamed am still we broken What do you for organic left weakening happens because that when you going to a something else to do for a new body we stress gathered let's relax body relaxes We give it a new command causes it has something to do and this tense people when trying to
  • 08:33: relax it even try harder how there is We look at what we breathe on Lithuania breathing as if we distracted in this time we rest export returns to its sphere of machinery touch for the eyes as well emergency power when we touch closed eyelid not just davim We touch then our body as if straining fears that this foreign body adjacent with an eye to the next vital organs and obtained voltage oculomotor muscles.
  • 09:03: oculomotor muscles rest begins to strain itself and, therefore, It relaxes both self-massage business just massage tight plot we give the body back a new strain get relax This effect is found as many as 20 different points directions and some. necessarily It corresponds at from stress in this of the muscles and experienced by we find these dots turns and what exactly well we this relaxes muscle experimenting
  • 09:34: with each point to find it its like dots learn relaxed muscles When you're after touch your eyes rest open eyes you immediately better because if there is no improve the result it means that just not yours. and we will seek the next point we We found the main cause of is permanent chronic stress and work them using respiratory metadata result comes fairly quickly month to work out Skill get and work through you Five minutes will
  • 10:04: completely different look at all