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4. How to knit a semi-column with nakidy. Knitting lessons a hook for beginners

4. How to knit a semi-column with nakidy. Knitting lessons a hook for beginners  See details »

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  • 00:00: I am pleased to welcome you on the fourth school lesson knitting Crochet our beach today look like knit with polustolbik sc and so I again scored chain of 10 air loops like and to recruit and look first lesson, and that's our last working loop We recruit two loops lifting February 1 1 with important polustolbik sc for this We do introduce sc hook in the third
  • 00:30: loop on the hook picks up the thread and it is we got three loops on hook picks up again thread and threading it through all three loops on the hook so we got polustolbik with sc again we do sc We introduce the hook in next st chain picks thread on output work surface
  • 01:00: picks up again working thread and is threaded through three loops on hook this is the second polustolbik means We were made sc hook in next chain loop picked up brought a new thread We received three loops on the hook all three loops knit together this 3 polustolbik polustolbiki with height sc their turns
  • 01:30: between the posts without sc and columns with sc ie here such as mullions they are much more luxuriant than without bars sc to knit series polustolbikami with sc this 7 polustolbik
  • 02:00: with sc again we introduce the hook petelechku is September 8 and again we do sc last loop knit with 10 polustolbik we knit sc first row polustolbikami with sc turn repeat work action recruit 2
  • 02:33: air loop is lifting loops do sc and knit 1 polustolbik with sc But in the first loop brought on loop level of performance and Knit all three loop on the hook again We were made sc hook in next loop picked up knit thread 3 loops on hook so be extended
  • 03:07: to knit polustolbikami with sc to end of row 9 and 10 October polustolbik not knit loop recovery but this last polustolbik have 10 polustolbik with sc again turn cloth two air loop and repeat action thanks much with you was Our knitting school
  • 03:37: yarn