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  • 00:00: hello all I want dedicate current video such a concept as much but who have not yet the sign will tell him what it means is It means any at round material which is covered with earth there is a division persons said that the land should always be covered that is, it is in with the traditional incision agriculture who taught us our parents, and so further it is from organic agriculture if we no're coming out
  • 00:31: Do earthly nature shielding itself here Conceived in nature no hollow earth is is the earth always covered with a summer thick grass or wood or leaves coniferous forest dick and so etc. and that's very wrong when land just collects plows and no hiding after she dry turn into desert in nature and people here takes digging about shelves actually that not understand harm caused land and The property
  • 01:01: health at the end of all that is in my it is an empty view waste of time, I I met with term teaching literally spring this year, and you Well then try Now our garden can view principle greens do not want to brag but we Here sandy soil in This year will be very in fact, despite the fact the last month severe drought rains virtually no yes no
  • 01:31: we'll lie to garden certainly try watering data, we Pour it with hose such crops like tomatoes cucumbers tender, we pour warm water in the history of as a boy First year tried use plain grass clippings and hay we have many neighbors have a lawn that is, people mow grass mow without zombies just thrown out lawnmowers bevelled pipe 7 to a Only a small body only rises
  • 02:01: time, Adam is very good conceal this young cut grass on Three of the world turns a little bit more rough But for grass comparison here it turns out here such water fraction and commercial mower see the end that is neat either the smallest Sprouts are very convenient a thing of bed well and there say out of the coach it turns over rough larger such-like and here of course straw The more you layer fucking
  • 02:31: mutters better myself I did not even know as cool thing that is you You get at least three plus I had a huge 1 thought that in nature in the soil in the air much moisture that is, I thought people need to be watered infinite nothing even in such drought night moisture condenses that is, in the evening warm air cools and moisture all settle on the leaves on soil in the morning it
  • 03:02: instantly evaporates and so This allows large delay its soil the more puff then It is, ideally somewhere Well, that's up to five centimeters accumulating a layer of heap 2 + see its gone when they were small we lost and seedlings valeo groups more we it has not gone to him whether Now we move on potatoes look potatoes and that is you lose get rid rather from the need endless watering b
  • 03:32: You do not need to endlessly weeding because mulch shelter forest does not give weeds grow with us we have a virgin complex soil two years ago there was wild field and grass almost in my mouth here look here It was near here carpet here breaks slightly literally pair seen through crushed it out of order what we did insufficient layer here literally slightly veiled Earth if you add more a couple of centimeters
  • 04:02: break the chickens etc. but not so carpet grows as sides, in principle, Now judging by the collected the harvest can already be seen in the But for the time of drought picking up a couple of days zucchini comparison let's look zucchini we grow and Forgive me let us go to a neighbor neighboring plots here look look at neighbor's pumpkin
  • 04:33: I say potato try try Muchu at all magic tool I liked Look at my people Well, you know me no time yet at least enough time at hilling potato weeding there are endless glaze that well, as gulf water and poured there an hour later Dry's move potatoes watch which
  • 05:04: zamulchirovat was Well basically contrast, I think you noticed the potatoes are already lays down one side here, in principle, big enough
  • 05:34: layer we started in early spring mulch here I will show you now big enough layer here has not yet been grass mowed yet no we mowed just tears and worn answer sheet like drought well here the soil is so I will not say that much but slightly wet vlan keeps the whole morning race all condensate It remains to this racking up returns to
  • 06:04: plants back ground the same thing we applied tested mulching on warm beds here warm beds where it was possible to cucumbers started late mulch warm why because the beds Now that particular Sprouts of dill fennel very long and rises fine not want it stifle this mulch here now all we showered and then After a couple of waterings mulch
  • 06:34: You can lay down basically see what dense foliage in beginning as soon as beds laid Of course once the water It was a small I had a lot we are watering When the seedlings have grown and able to invest here thicker layer we practically mulch ceased do not go well, and watered the club went a little
  • 07:10: more here must still enclose that's why on his experience making I not recommend to anyone do not hesitate lazy this despite the fact that we did I do see it the first year that is land enough here hard we were not here is not black earth particularly at fertilizer brought little humus truth holes do not have time here scatter its spring mentos already here
  • 07:40: please is such a land we had in Last year they Two years ago that is, when purchased on site was a field here is a grass can not show right under your feet what speed that is happening here This herb reach one and a half meters high there and spray the carpet I have hand-sod of course very sorry it ordered in this tractor year we here vpahivat after tractor plowing was
  • 08:11: just flipped up turf underfoot that is, I had to shovel it all digging so I learned about is that you can simply earth and mulch will not grow weeds and it will I remain loose I thought to myself next year the tractor will not be just put on winter coat is here such cut grass more I laid out all these I will not place beds must land on the grass lift here at Perry and I called you two plus
  • 08:42: which gives mulching has 3 more 3 this mulch also It can now be himself 3 plus is interrupted lower layer fertilizer mulch it slowly rot and turns into organic fertilizer is a Rain leaves in the earth and the earth itself improve their quality here that is here we get 3 plus 1, we We get rid of some irrigation in the home, we We get rid of some
  • 09:13: weeding combat weed 3 we get organic fertilizer that is not you need to make special no fertilizer rot grass she gives ground useful material we thank move on until