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How to make Rosa and Bouton Rosa of Foamiran. MK with Patterns. \/ Foam rose  See details »



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  • 00:00: Hello everyone today I show you how make here are foamirana of roses all items that we you see a need Now the screen We are putting patterns from paper to foamiranu draw out a toothpick or any sharp object and cut after we We cut out all the details
  • 00:31: for a moment take a little touch up for I petals use special paint I for color fabrics slightly darker foamirana for sepals I took conventional acrylic paint red You can also use brown or dark green We recruit a little and paint on sponzhik paint the edge tab if you no special paints for fabric you You can use conventional acrylic paint in such a way colors all
  • 01:01: petals below it sponzhik recruit red paint do a few strokes on the on paper to sponges left just a little paint and start color I sepal I color the edges and I take a few 3 strokes sepals if you You see that somewhere It caused a lot of then paint well blend it in leaf this detail We need to paint with one from the other sides all the details ready
  • 01:53: now we go to processing and petals build our flowers and We will start to do rosebud for this I I take 7 already painted petals numbered one to heat the UTY the average temperature I put the petal iron for a few seconds later I pile up like an accordion and twist then somewhere
  • 02:32: in the center stretch petal Thus, I I treat three lobe of the family following four petal I I treated exactly the only an additional twirled edges petal quite a wee bit as I said
  • 03:15: previously as We treat four petal here now see all seven petals of a bud that I turned stem roses for I I will make of wire I have it very thin so I twist two delays between and a winding green self-adhesive tape I advise you to take a lil no wider than 0 5 centimeters Now I foil
  • 03:57: I do core for rose in the form of droplets droplets height It should be slightly lower our petals something like this the bottom drops do hole and a toothpick paste it there
  • 04:27: stalk if you know what to your pink stalk the future is not when you need You can simply paste to a toothpick and after you have made entirely rosettes toothpick will be cut now beginning stick petals and start with the most the first of our 3 petals are putting petal such way that he was the top one or two millimeter higher this foil anchoring position melting petal first at the base then glue it
  • 04:57: fully applied on the edge of the thermo-adhesive first with petal then one hand with other in this way glue the remaining two petals while not focus on Bud bottom and on the top
  • 05:27: to each subsequent petal It was slightly higher previous so three petals
  • 06:25: ready next 4 we petals stick just the difference will be Only in the application Now we glue it We shall not apply and to the whole petal ie half are putting petal slightly higher previous anchoring it in foundation on Apply the thermal glue on petal edge something like this before place and glue first one side then all the other petals glue in a circle imposing a tab on the other I
  • 06:55: I can not say exactly as far as necessary impose personally I do so I put each Petal to the bud look where he It looks better and to apply and more one point if you see that your petals almost almost close foil bottom bud principle not upset then we have to will block this place any other petals or close sepals but if you are left too much space unclosed foil you think that future you close
  • 07:25: it will not work then you might We do too big heart and Now this I
  • 08:22: Bud turned and so as we are going to do also rose we need to do these two bud to fully finish our flower one of the buds We need to stick sepal but First, we need to give it a natural look with using iron for this I have every separate leaflet is applied to the iron for a few seconds and simply scroll it between the fingers
  • 08:53: slightly pulling up of a leaf so we need to do although two sepals now we It needs only one so take one of our buds and sepal smaller diameter at the center it makes a hole It can be done and a toothpick insert to stem glue sepal bud positioning it so a way to close foil if you
  • 09:23: somewhere visible Well bud ready Now if you do not even tired, let's proceed to the assembly rose flower To do this, take longer
  • 09:54: painted petal number 2 applying it to iron add up accordion and twist straighten lepestochek and a little bit tighten up the top petal like this and also to tighten up
  • 10:24: On the sides namely the upper part and immediately stretch petal doing a slight indentation something like this should get petal do not try to do all of them completely the same is give more natural look our Rosie These are the petals turned me Now I have them I turned to you see how they
  • 10:54: look on the back hand and petals I and for assorted I laid in the order in which I will stick frost petals who received more recycled in I go to the end so we take our second bud and apply him petal look where he is better and looks at the fasten his place thermo adhesive in Now glue the base shall apply and somewhere on one centimeter from the bottom something like this, I glue only one
  • 11:27: second side I leave aside to under the it glue the last petal When I finish one circle although, in principle, This is not necessarily so I second petal imposes on previous look where we better locate and paste it just only It has two sides at once and pasting
  • 11:58: the third tab and fourth last tab in this series as I said one side I glue under first flap like this the first row of four
  • 12:48: petals ready the next row will be It consists of six and petals I will stick likewise and so I glued two
  • 13:59: total number of petals number 2 me 10 pieces are now gone Proceed to the next petal numbered their three we handle almost as well as the medium I put the petals a few seconds iron pile accordion and twisting I straighten petal
  • 14:32: horoshenechko to tighten up petal and stretch its recess it turns out like this and now let look again like I do it on the other petals Here are my
  • 15:27: turned petals not true and it is not all like that they look the other side and now, always take a petal applying it to rose look where he is better looks and glue it on the place the glue for our Only the bottom petal quite a bit so I I continue to glue on around 15 petals I taped nearly all
  • 17:04: Petals I remained only one and when I glue petals in a spiral I always think Rose petals that do not enough so I'm the last petal I will stick by petal which It is next and how you have noticed for this I especially his little by kleila This is my
  • 17:50: turns rose and Recently, we It left to do it paste sepal Rose diameter
  • 18:26: ready-made get about 9 centimeters but our flowers ready of them, you can or to make a brooch hair ornaments but a simple decorate their I also have an apartment in Plans have some of they do but that you will learn later today it's not Remember to put Like if you the like roses and see you very soon in the next video all while