Connection of the single-phase engine with a starting winding

Connection of the single-phase engine with a starting winding  See details »

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  • 00:00: Hello everyone I'll show you how to connect single-phase divider asynchronous is all 220 and so it means small background on this engine when man did not give this engine it said it was the engine is not starts here burrows winding the price of it all the same decided it pick up and see 8 in general winding rang the windings the whole hooked it up and
  • 00:30: he started and it means that man is not right I connected it , I decided Capture this video so that such problems there were no other to the engine for free did not give a friend and so it means to start we call the windings determine where we have starting winding where working means working
  • 01:03: The winding has always less resistance but in My case here is not seen in general it is written n1 n2 this is the starting I mean I need working starter put a jumper then where jumper we take output one wire here it is brown this we will have in common the wire then this wire
  • 01:33: yellow on the second launch winding is ours starting wire for it then the working wire because the winding workers then I I use but we buy in with this button single-phase buy at the bazaar means connected here these three conclusions starting wire y me in the middle because when we push start
  • 02:05: everything closes with us three contacts starts engine then we we release from us work only here these two wires then took the wire with a fork here goes goes and means two wires here planted and delivered jumper on this here such a scheme here is I have schemes yet I drew a seam
  • 02:35: it was easier understand that there two windings this router who turns there well and in common wrapped works now let's run this 9 now we will collect here all The tank is now
  • 03:29: take the outlet exclude we produce let here crashed let's start Here so again I try
  • 04:01: if you press again empty button the engine will be beating pear that's it for everyone Thank you for watching