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  • 00:00: greet you on your channel and today I will tell how to sow petunia at the initial stage cultivation of petunia differs in some whimsically stick so many gardeners are afraid to grow sprouts yourself well and in vain because if respected some simple rules for the costs of you will get it an excellent major difficulty is connected with the fact that petunia seeds are very small producers
  • 00:30: invented pills such yeast plant easier though themselves seeds are obtained more expensive of course but but it is clearly visible where did the seed fall here I have seeds trembling torn several packages such capsules of 10 I will to put in peat pills and seeds which are scattered will be planted on the ground for a pick tablets need in advance prepare them soaked in water time
  • 01:06: swelling of tablets depends on manufacturer some recruit volume in half an hour a some and two hours little happens watch these pills Straight before our eyes grow instantly rose in about half an hour all pills swelled up there is excess water left it must be drained in center of each tofu
  • 01:37: tabletochki there are places where to put the seeds and here I already have it turned out this way petunia that I I put the seeds there and she falls through deep as the petunia is not we fix as it sprouts on light it happens that it's bad and turns out to be there in depth therefore I here these holes I will do a little bit smaller on the package it is written
  • 02:22: then there are 10 seeds so exactly 10 tips wet skewers I attach bluebird and I transfer to the center pills on one side of the shake
  • 02:53: ravany and seeds plant with the other side if do not watch a bit and allow drying out this one envelope then it may do not disintegrate and then the seed just not at all will now rise sowing needs to be done kid that is, this box place not hit whole package or we cover transparent I have a lid special fellows where I will put and well, just in case I'm on top yet sprinkle and all cases to the shell
  • 03:23: seed done wet for example, these very deep holes are obtained I'm the same way
  • 03:53: and I shall cover transparent lid other seeds I will sow on the ground with cultivation of petunia on the ground I choose dark containers preferably black because if you take transparent then often in the light appear in the industry
  • 04:23: which does not contribute good development planting seedlings capacity should must have drain hole i for this purpose I use such a good soldering iron perforated groups I use the usual purchased universal the only thing is if I will add a bit vermiculite in order to
  • 04:54: make it even more loose vermiculite well absorbs water and then when it dries soil and and back gives back the soil needs well align and compact before how to sow seeds
  • 05:26: the soil needs nice shed and I will add a bit of work solution of phytosporin a damp skewer I I will endure seeds from a saucer on soil and toothpick separate the area to
  • 05:57: already seeds laid out crops are covered transparent lid
  • 06:27: seeds are not closed on top and in perfect Do not need to fall asleep ground because python germinates always in the light python is very demanding and lighting plant so no bars to if it is grown sticks out at the machine gun and we do not make sense to plant this year we grow your sprouts under the phytolamp of me from companies are not wrong about
  • 06:57: that it is gold you can look in our video a reference to which appeared now up the petunia screen for sprouting heat required the temperature should be at least twenty two fenders if the temperature falls below 20 it may not ascend therefore, every day but it needs to be aired do not just cover it have opened and all have left and little by little
  • 07:27: shift five minutes leave in such form and then again and close approximately a week later first shoots and then airing time need to quietly increased so far The shoots are not yet appeared at need moisten the planting on the soil needs to be sprayer but after
  • 07:57: the first add a plant water will need only snows afterwards peat tablets humidification too on as necessary in enough scavengers water but not overdo the water does not stand there should look at Petunia in a week after sowing through seven days in these peat tablets all the seeds sprouted but here you can see
  • 08:31: only two curse your seed the rest while we wait seeds sown under the picket went very amicably subscribe ask questions in commentary