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"БИНИ" CAP; - SIMPLE KNITTING by SPOKES - OLGA PAVLOVA'S workshop.  See details »

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  • 00:00: Hello my name only pavlova you practice and tv today we are with you knit cap here such caps mohair with the addition of silk very soft fluffy as it turned out they very popular in our shop the scheme is very successful trade and knit them out so that's Italian Yarn kids this thread She is very thin It is the hour to say 75 mohair Kid Mohair
  • 00:30: 25 and the shock is very thin thread but we are with you We will have to make 6 nitochek ie our cap tally of six do not so then the profit it is very easy It weighs only 50 grams us only two hanks very easy pushistenkaya and fit enough quickly we will be with you knit descended to
  • 01:01: beginners but who is more advanced knitter please knit circle because or fit it simple pattern like prove it to you easier and better are very big popular in Every fourth row we do wrong path Now it all see and do colors of this yarn very much yes you can it replace if you have something both are
  • 01:32: but about the meaning of this cap so that it very fluffy fluffy easy imponderable practically and very well sit color the more polar cap down from the holiday here it is possible stages so wrap means to start so we choose a color we need to be with you Unwind somewhere from each uterus on January 3 unrolling a ball later
  • 02:04: sweden for then we Unwind one third then we will take one thread outside 1 within us Retrieved from each glomerular 3 strings and so I wind off February 1 immediately in Hanks a tangle of two lines You see so convenient just here is just two strings then I took inside thread here
  • 02:35: it is in fact a outside thread 2 as a ball I pulled out from the inside neatly on the outside a bag of 48 knots put there Our point is to it will make us convenient that they have do not tell nowhere to lay place and this leg will be tying up all our
  • 03:05: ready to date now we can drop to the floor and where It is convenient for the feet it will lie will handle pulls out all of Measure out how much we You need to set eyelets and recruit a I took you six spokes 6 are not so I am gathering 50 loops with a So I manually typed 50 loops, and now we
  • 03:39: you shall bind This drawing that is, First me to face the front surface of I I have to get I will knit facial loops in backstitches ranks I I will knit Wrong but each in the fourth row I'm inside out provyazyvat facial eyelets due what will form rib Contents Next
  • 04:15: Please make your since we are 6 threads of knit to your needles cling for all 6 threads of that was neat and knitting who are not in a hurry first time knits team this thread Please make sure to what marriage ugly imperceptibly that you very nice and myasko sleep
  • 05:06: heir to the Night So backing a number of us purl loops all I have connected a number of three types of
  • 05:40: and the front surface of now I need perform scar in the fourth row in Wrong I provyazyvat all loops facial Fold the look formed optics
  • 06:10: we will continue again provyazyvat three rows Front embroidery and in the fourth row Wrong oh oh He is talking the talk and in the fourth row we I began to knit underside of habit and the fourth row, again about knit series
  • 06:40: facial then we again will scar here I 10 tied ridges in their own way in their density, see can you 11 will straight on after scars of the back I knit series 2 rows on the drawing there is right and wrong number and then I start to diminish
  • 07:10: what is done so that after the bar optics beautiful beginning closing cap because once a you will start to diminish ugly is when 2 together we will doing so give two rows after the rub. So I tied two rows after gubcheka I am right now I will do ubavku
  • 07:40: how it will be done ubavku written to you the first series we will 2 together obverse front to the end of the series that is, alternate 1 1 with front 2 2 together face to end of the series 2 series have it us wrong we underside about knit 3 as a look loop series will have facial and we shall repeat it as 1 there is one facial 2 1 with front 2 together, he is with us first row
  • 08:11: and the fourth row, he he will be backing will be second row that is converse of the fifth row will last We will diminish every 2 loops together provyazyvat face the entire series 2 2 together with 2 together and the remaining petelechki we are become on a thread and we have to sew hat we will have it closed as I done to you now show It means the first row but
  • 08:49: an edge we do not front view 1 2 with my facial 2 together and so on until the end of this so we dovyazyvaem with
  • 09:20: your fourth row backing and now we will have the last number where we ubavok We will be with you all the time 2 together to make and I do every 2 2 loops together
  • 09:52: try to thread pull for that you did not have long distance here and so we pulled and that you are rovnenko even saved as removed from the left to tighten the spokes loops were exactly then you have the edge end caps will I took these and even
  • 10:22: so they pulled It was not right on then spoke rovnenko end caps will be more plump rovnenko and now this girl on top closed without responses so here I now I will gather on that thread I cut the left just a little bit
  • 10:52: they appetite will gather all Well he and since me I was knitting in several threads and so I was comfortable I 2 will petelechki not to shoot lose part of there not since 2 to 3 eyelets can escape who may not fear
  • 11:25: just a lot to take and here I am in business a needle and future sew knitted seam was on how we you say that beginners knit descended so I'll show you how sewn sew it for bridges and We try to have with you rib soup converged to to this back I could not see the seam We live on the front party
  • 11:55: Zavala jumper one party to another sides if suddenly you do not You get right and there is something you It happens to have wrong you go down the jumper akulonka remove needle to dissolve the part and adjust so to get you started
  • 12:25: sew one on the other hand you it is not in line many tattoo three centimeters so Now I see
  • 12:56: Shevchuk converged go on to the end caps