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Shoots of eggplants on seedling the Season of 2017  See details »

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  • 00:00: very bright already spring sun on I better at all warmth so I even risk to endure seedlings of eggplants on sunshine beauty eggplant in my black cups so that they more sunshine to them went to the first stage is very important and put them a little bit like this at an angle to a meeting sunshine eggplants were sown a bit earlier tomatoes that I cooked the cut then is there on March 2
  • 00:30: his today is the eighth on the sixth day we can say that mass shoots aubergines I sat down too more or less thickened seed for three about where it was enough families where a little bit more and here is eggplant went mostly fairly even they went up that is simultaneously unfortunately it turned out not as smooth as with tomatoes where their seeds
  • 01:00: some varieties Eggplant yet even not yet thrown away first loops these cups with sown seeds eggplant where else no loop they are yet are in my apartment here they stand and can be seen that here no while tabs have not even appeared and what interestingly here are those which I have already brought to the loggia
  • 01:30: I have every variety grade three cup was sown those varieties all come in Well, somewhere better somewhere worse but the shoots were here are three variety for each variety three cups and these three grades they no gathering yet did not even there are nothing bad about these varieties I can not say do tweet on them starts but of course
  • 02:00: very revealing that here it is these the seeds did not arise then there are in all three hundred before it was sown for gushchina and there are not enough gatherings here you can say perhaps seeds such got caught perhaps simply some delay turned out I will certainly wait a few days I hope there are still sprouts appear in general result well, you can think that are satisfactory eggplant is enough for me
  • 02:30: sprouting with a massive eggplant I hope and will continue to grow OK