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  • 00:00: hello hello friends hello to all alaska today's my video probably more will be interested girls here I am here I sit on the background of my embroidery and so you probably already guessed what they say will go about embroidery today I very often I get questions from beginners embroiderers where to start embroider and that's about it I want today talk and so on with what to start Here for example I'm you
  • 00:30: now show above in the stake scheme in the program very important convenient to embroider I I adore it to do with the screen find the circuit in Internet print out threads that you they need here everything is panamera by buy flowers strings in the store order fabric cloth and several of species is
  • 01:01: some Are afraid to sew on is equal or not but me I adore it especially love flax or Aida of Aida is the most easy spam because that here already denotes holes and for beginners can I would be her and advised to start on the beggar simpler aide rigid keeps the form and beginners he
  • 01:32: beginners at all I was at the most same mistake greatly tightens thread from this you need to immediately get rid of thread freely and here on aide Such a problem does not there will be that is you Do not overtighten the fabric. contrast for example from and Uniform cloth this soft and therefore and embroider an arc then you can tighten stitches can also be
  • 02:03: not embroider necessarily with a screen can be embroidered with sheet here are on sale such embroideries book with diagrams here already written all strings that they will need them too need separately procure separately purchase cloth and to embroider like this Christ and the the easiest way is buy ready-made set that's how I did in this time set 2 menschen gold collection these are mine
  • 02:33: butterflies then you get rid of here these worries and hassle with choice is not so with selection rather wrong with the choice of fabric with the calculation of the order just one thing ready-made set and everything in he is there they are all threads here already spread out hanging in color I'm mixing on here its one organizer but in principle you can embroider and here factory with such organizers
  • 03:04: paper in the set necessarily includes paper circuit audi less on it color lanarte black and white can be different different color schemes can be more convenient by easier to embroider it you can make yourself or search the web retry like this say you program here in this in pmv patimaker and embroider from the screen with screen of course embroider more conveniently can be highlighted characters in different colors
  • 03:34: here so now I I'll try to show here and then there is fewer errors already can see what color embroidered now what color is embroidered then that's it, that's it. this highlight but I do not do this has become this his the scheme that I have now there is I embroider referred to as a sheet the basic principle
  • 04:06: embroideries either from the bottom left angle you need to start either from the right top to whom like I know more conveniently girls who embroider only with right upper corner I can not help but know how embroider lower lower Corner why so is because the first stitch that we do it goes this is the traditionally here this one is the upper one
  • 04:38: the stitch is right here me, how would it be sex cross but if it were cross next the stitch would overlap that's why that's it. traffic is defined embroideries or from this or from this either from the bottom left or from the top right because here is the first stitch just such look what i here it was piled up so that now show you on the live example as
  • 05:08: performed embroidery I hope that will be clearly visible on here this screen ipod iphone on hand I have this device is not beautiful course look sorry there are such thimbles highly professionally beautifully executed acrylic but that's me made herself simple wrapped paper inserted here's a needle a little bit like this
  • 05:39: here it goes like at an angle this in order to align the string when sewed in 2 strands when sewn into one the thread is this the need a scraper not need you can certainly thread still level with way that called rails without this thimble insert a needle between two strings
  • 06:09: so here is their share interpose threads and stretch and then these rails they these two thread next to them is not perry turn me more convenient with this and embroider with thimble I'm forging return it i I fold this
  • 06:40: I support and I put the top stitch is this thimble on ring finger embroidery principle when goes like mine from the lower left Angle Need A Needle enter in the right upper corner cells, here she is cell to right the top is in a good way this corner should
  • 07:10: be empty We make the basic principle embroideries sew from empty complete then there is now an empty squares sew filled with two threads when embroidered by flowers This principle does not always works though it's all the same anyway should try to as possible at the first the same opportunities any opportunity
  • 07:40: embroider full string when you sew like this thread it seems to be twists and turns this cell that is now look now I will show with broaching I graduated in the lower corner here in this and the thread is now mine will go here next cross here I have
  • 08:10: begins i do not have goes through two cells from here from the bottom the upper one, it would seem covered her cell and The from here I will go down that is is doing a great distance the thread is twisted cells and it's better than crosses it turns out more evenly now i will show for example how to do not necessary if I embroidered here so finished here and
  • 08:41: next cross I went down here and began to embroider it like this I have here here it turned out on and shortest distance and this wrong because that the thread did not take care of a cell from here she had to go up to twist this one here this cell
  • 09:11: which we embroider with such a direct distance cross will be uneven and sewing to the next you can get between the fibers so that's often it very very looks it is ugly therefore principle from far away far from distant corner in the far corners only then will be obtained beautiful crosses neither by no means impossible go here for this on and the shortest distance
  • 09:41: fee for today all because I'm afraid that video turned out very long and boring but I hope that someone my advice will come in handy and I really hope that I clearly explained how to embroider in general do not be afraid of anything buy a setter start better as I have already said with set in one thread Well, you can and 2 in nothing complex and forward in the world in amazing
  • 10:12: beautiful world embroideries gluing together as promised will show you what got a shawl me here she is already washed like this the edge turned out here he is green on video, I see it now more in such a grassy-green on in fact he a little darker maybe it's like this
  • 10:42: will be better transfer color to in general, this is so manner I simply tied up with all parties and that shawl here and this one rope I and his I tried on the day and she looks really not bad but I decided abandon the idea with
  • 11:14: ropes and now I'll explain why the whole rope all over the shawl do not reach out will make bracing here how much I am counted the last time 11 or 13 of these angles it turns out twice fix the beginning and end of rope it's 22 or 26 clips and as if neatly I did not did it anyway a little bit is visible in first in the second
  • 11:44: exploitation is will climb out flutter and, in general, it does not matter so much a lot of fasten the attack this is the only the reason for which I I want all the same abandon these rope as if they the most did not like it in first in the second it seems to me without rope shawl more open-work take a look next door Corners can be so here it is visible because
  • 12:16: what the rope is she like would fail and takes away holes not bringing a lot shane colors that is , these are these holes here they are by themselves to me seems good and It is worth closing them and right now I'm just I'll dress and show you how it is. looks Pts ipod stretched lightly after washing but not might be
  • 12:47: centimeters to ten she stretched out it did not turn out long of course you can It is done and length and but here edge it turns out make pineapples either 3 that's how I have either 54 can not be done otherwise will end on middle of pineapple as right here it turned out that's why I I can not get any more one row than will be such she does not
  • 13:17: short but in principle is normal here it is bigger than mine hands more range of hands the length is lower belts are much lower belt is very comfortable and cozy the shawl is not like that here the end and so low they almost to the knee I have here these edges are already length may not be
  • 13:49: worth generally I think that the shawl should be such a length that close the sleeve like like a sleeve here she goes by a corner here this long pineapple short short if that course shortish long carp when it gets then sick arm lengths in general so here it is will remain about the gum looks beautiful here so here I can be
  • 14:20: I'll come now to I could see better I'm glad that I did it I did not at first want do here I thought only the edge but now I'm glad that what I made it here and Here and so on looks behind me here she sees closes So far, and to me it seems this
  • 14:50: optimal length Well, here it is again so and so it looks Here is such here with me received a gift or for a birthday ok my good at today I'm all of you all
  • 15:20: kiss and love all I wish you luck and good mood and bye Bye