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  • 00:00: how did I make a creeper took a piece of pipe 32 protochil under the diameter Rear Cylinder rear shock absorber eight somewhere around 33 millimeters my then you can take try on pressed this cylinder then where is this piston with rod that who is with the morality of the tarot self-made piston rings by the way too probably one factory two
  • 00:31: homemade made the piston is mine the distance was between rings is necessary to know here like this us 19 millimeters where then respectively somewhere around 19-20 millimeters we have these windows on inlet then the stroke of the piston from this stock is not respectively
  • 01:02: piston 43 millimeters before once you get a sean shifts when in this the side shifts the window is completely on release opens and when this shifts also full of windows opens to the taste so well, from behind stub is directed and sending a shot a piece also with the morality of the tarot 8 youtube nicks did not particularly strengthen we just completely would be worn by a party
  • 01:32: everything does not hold such a construction is not complex can be developed himself