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  • 00:00: so well, that hardening as you can see welded clearly you help or We will warm to gas hearth heat it is 850 degrees bright orange and then to a warm Warm up the butter oil great will to
  • 00:31: temperature of 60 degrees for those who interesting channel there is a detailed video I do everything in detail We explain on this can credit you can go and see I was there a lot all details well said actually this is our butter it is already heated Now I will warm horn and gradually lift up temperature to 850 before hardening and
  • 01:02: We do one more time normalization and now we are building I ordered it oil have warmed to the desired temperature I put it on to forge add oxygen Instant Messengers flood repel no
  • 01:52: on the cutting edge too, but now I go in her usual place and sanded all a deposit which I There after quenching I do not know whether it transmits the sound of my camera all it happened and what he makes the bottle is something please
  • 02:22: but attention is though I have not done leave the way how ancillary cleaning using some solvent in this way I put or render it on the blade and nazhdachkoy it all much better scraped it On vacation will be omitted in this
  • 02:52: electric furnace so that's way close temperature conditions pour 200 degrees such ducks time maximum 90 minutes to let go of all I I will be over two and a half hours so Well Friends released but 2:15 let go at the same time as you can see blade caught a little to the blue
  • 03:22: there is no straw the color that we I needed was a little him that is overheated rather it is only I began to overheat Basically I like everything I graduated possible oven gives a great the temperature but I I think this is not terrible, I already I tried it here needle files just barely top each with not surface just slides and especially not I tried to remove Soviet a file
  • 03:52: file it at all not in front of that is the like some the upper part can be takes not slips I think the hardness get us normal and minimum roundness try to break my weight 90 I freely kilogram desire and even so verdict of release
  • 04:30: is that if all the same my electric gave right the temperature is better nevertheless let at at 180 degrees and of not more than two hours, that is, it Again, it is necessary to look at error furnace or let's the device in which you You are going to do release but the lens the situation nevertheless considered that
  • 05:01: Degrees 180 2 max two and a half hours Now I had to grind show it not will anyone wonder the channel has a video can go available for this Go and see Basically how I sandpaper to do what I emery wheel yet not on the skin arguments and more fine sandpaper x 'but I want to note that the very well-tried already way
  • 05:31: this zagotovochki very well kept He sharpened ie field less Here you can see exactly where and let's try it will show itself in the the world the way it is technical stainless steel blade I think one can see shavings
  • 06:01: certainly do that is not very convenient but at least five show technical characteristics of the have hardened in this case, the knife ie all no problem to repeat a taxi you
  • 06:35: it was not originally specially Now continue but really nothing-nothing Still thermo I treated so I will continue sharpening after sharpening as usual polish on swamp in my opinion very
  • 07:06: bad happened I want to note that the polished to 400 nazhdachki Thank you all for your attention will be very grateful if you Share it roller subscribe to our channel and join the Our group VKontakte to which reference is It is herein Yes and it is obligatory place thumbs up so I will understand that is not in vain all cases more and
  • 07:36: more better