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  • 00:00: good afternoon friends today we have a menu lean kitchen now it's very Actually we are with you we will cook monastery pie and this pie is extraordinary tasty at the same time very simple in I prepare you now I'll tell you what us for this need flour sugar jam vegetable oil a bag of black tea cinnamon powder powdered sugar baking powder for
  • 00:31: dough and paper for baking and so start with the fact that fill our sachet tea glass hot water from what hour select will depend taste of your pie then go to we take two tablespoons in I took the hill crimson you can choose any other you loved
  • 01:01: it is desirable that she was sourish pour our jam tea mix and let's cool mixture should not be very hot start she will be cuddly next step we mix dry ingredients usually for the test I take 1 a glass of sugar
  • 01:32: bag of baking powder 10 grams and a teaspoon with a cinnamon slide now add two a glass of flour I'm used to the flour sift at the same time process it saturated oxygen and dough becomes more lush so that be sure to take to the note all
  • 02:02: stir mixed do hole add our tea with jam also add a couple tablespoons
  • 02:33: vegetable oil and we get in the way of everything homogeneous consistency like this it's very simple the dough is prepared for monastic pie we will pie bake in this form preliminary I have it we cover with paper for baking dough with us it should turn out such is the flowing put it on our form the dough was distributed
  • 03:05: uniformly in shape now put in in advance heated up to 180 degrees oven and bake until readiness approximately 20-25 minutes it all depends on the thickness of the dough which you will get here and our pie is ready look how he the air ruddy unusually fragrant if desired it can also be sprinkle sugar powdered wish you a pleasant tea drinking
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