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CORD SQUARE a zavyazochka HOOK for a hat, a drawstring  See details »

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  • 00:00: I want to show you how very easy to knit we square cord it can use when children's knitting hats like zavyazochki you can use used as Drawstring for decor all products are very fun and easy fit we are
  • 00:31: thread take 2 addition do first air Now the loop thread which has developed in twice that's how it is necessary to and to disunite spread on the hand here here and so rooted take the hook with you enter under the bottom thread top grab an upper thread and miss right
  • 01:02: 2 petelechki again introducing the hook under the lower thread top grab an upper thread on hook the two hinges provyazyvaem one-off again thread in our time connect hook enter at the top bottom thread turn the hook grabbing the top thread provyazyvaem again lower thread
  • 01:34: grabbing the top and provyazyvaem fit very easy and fast Now it soon knitting and you really Make sure that shnurochek gains square shape very good use for children's hats how to zavyazochki all elements that it is possible here shnurochki handbags and so
  • 02:04: very easy to fit must hold the strings with you and keep hook knit top under the lower thread grab the top provyazyvaem 1 loop hook on top again under the lower thread
  • 02:37: grab the top stretch under bottom thread grab the top and We extend a hook the lower thread from the top capture and you stretch knit such length this cord to another could tie so bow you are welcome
  • 03:07: through length cord and run together with me hold strings to that's the bottom thread on the bottom and top you on top
  • 03:37: in this way very you easily and quickly the most important tie enough so tight shnurochek now you are You have the opportunity see what form
  • 04:07: Here you now You can see some forms and shnurochek look what literally and ribbed square and very well here used when Now you can tie bow or are simply to link some here is a product we square cord We use here and in children's knitting too
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