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Moldes con sus manos a partir de gelatina y glicerol | oblacco  See details »

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  • 00:00: Hello friends Today I'll show you how to make Molds his hands from gelatin and glycerin I now have small zagotovochka that already enjoyed such obtained rubber a similar mass for manufacturing molto our own hands It needs gelatin food glycerine who bought pharmacy container [music]
  • 00:41: pour glycerin This matter must be stir and heat can take advantage of microwave me uncomfortable, you will not I see the process itself the most important thing is not boil the foam will many bubbles to use water
  • 01:11: bath if you do not then add glycerol gelatin is brittle their hands and monolith tears easily breaks after start heater this mixture if it too thick will then pour more little glycerin [music] but it was such that simply heating gelatin is completely The solution is
  • 01:42: lumps I left him frozen [music] then warmed up yet Just when gelatin fully solution became homogeneous mass Now I have to bathe in water bath gelatin with glycerol can be covered little book that all equally if not warmed want to bother with It is possible for a single principle and in microwave only
  • 02:13: 30 seconds to set and warm up pull stir experimental Here, too, by not we forget to stir [music] so cool stirrer virtually gelatin mixture is prepared fully
  • 02:43: The solution can be Now fill form prepared a mold with coins to show you Now pour Now hot mixture you can put it in refrigerator or
  • 03:14: balcony stand still cool place so quickly hardens all Form is now frozen can her shoulders [music] Coins Now we
  • 03:52: turned wonderful replacement present silicone molds which at a price of several times cheaper the quality is almost the same I have great plus it is reusable
  • 04:23: If you get tired of it form can be cut into small throw pieces cottage cheese, and again melt water bath, microwave oven as you can see well imprinted the smallest details closer to show not I do not want the camera they focus in such form may be the fridge wrapped in plastic bag friends in this all if you like videos subscribe put on our channel
  • 04:53: Huskies do not forget comment all while before new see you next video