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  • 00:00: Hello subscribers and visitors channel in this video, I offer associate's such interesting we mitts hook warm enough and beautiful and elegant look at the hand and does not so difficult to performance techniques that we will
  • 00:33: use for knitting this Air Products is loop for typesetting edge connectors bars for knitting rezinochki bars without sc and polustolbiki one sc for knitting expansion and finger also with polustolbiki and one sc columns with sc knitting pattern for knitting such spots from I
  • 01:05: use strings alize superlana klasik here acrylic composition 75 25 wool I also use number four hook I will knit symmetrical Mycenae point each since I already linked shades right hand I to knit left mirror display a third gain test of the so We begin our knitting
  • 01:35: As always with aerial loops my size my threads of my the hook will not enough 37 stitches + 1 air loop I lift knit 37 stitches + 1 air loop lift for a total of we knit 38 stitches chain of passion Air 38 aircraft
  • 02:05: Next, the first loop a number we do not knit shackle for pigtails and if we we develop our there is a chain on the contrary, and such here ears online, we bow their We will knit the first number 37 on the knit connector I knit columns 1 row which consists of 30 family connection bars etc. turn work draw your attention the work we always turn the same side to us
  • 02:35: formed beautiful smooth edges of the product I I turn on clockwise turn work loop knit air lifting and subsequent pattern rows we were binding gum connection columns for long-distance shackle loop that is provyazyvaem like this this is how we continue to knitting here this all our our site of the future
  • 03:06: rally and so I knit here this of our meeting this I was 9 scars rezinochki or 19 bars or 19 rows connection columns then we go to knitting wave pattern is we Now that uzorchik will be on front of
  • 03:38: mittens that's pattern for the wave rezinochki to start we were binding gum rezinochki we were binding 8 connection columns etc. we knit pattern on at We start with three connection ie columns all from the beginning knitting we were binding 11 connection more columns 2 polustolbika with sc with 5 columns one sc reduce wave 2 with polustolbika
  • 04:09: 5 with a single sc and strong columns repeat wave and finishing element three connection the following columns number of backing we we will knit connection columns completely the entire series and personal row we connect more one full small wave a piece So begin air loop and 11 connection
  • 04:39: columns 8 gum and 3 columns column court for pattern can be shot will look at a reference to the site under the video 11 2 with more polustolbika sc and 5 columns one nakida we wave or raise Let them war 2 polustolbika with sc and 5 connection bars and another just make 5 columns
  • 05:11: sc with 2 polustolbika and close third columns connection knit columns on the slider, and so I tied almost the entire front side of the botinochek that is here this part of the gum and front part with wave pattern to started knitting finger left Here are three more to tie such hem
  • 05:41: rezinochki we were binding standardly connection columns rezinochku turn knitting air loop and knit connection columns 5 rows on the holy and 3 are formed hem such as I Knit this part not girls
  • 06:11: we will continue to knit our big finger of how to contact big finger I show on a separate I knit a sample several rows rezinochki similar how this side of the we have several rows rezinochki under this sides Knitting large fingers, we need to It would need to be three marker and not from additional
  • 06:41: additional glomerular large finger fit equally both right and the left found glasses move symmetrically so the air loop, and knit 10 connection bars rezinochki do not forget that my big finger knit on the front side knit 10
  • 07:12: connection loops rezinochki our rally we thread main working I leave anchoring a marker so that it is not and then ran away Getting Started with added nothing additional glaciers to a large finger we recruit chain of stitches enough for me for the length of my finger insufficient 9 stitches if
  • 07:42: you need a finger a longer possible recruit more amount of air loops, and so I'm knitting 9 stitches and then back to our main canvas on the main canvas forming large holes we are missing a finger 9 our columns and 10 healing column we fasten our additional thread and
  • 08:14: We continue knitting and knit to the end connection columns It does not work 17 connection columns additional thread and we reserve we fix it marker to have it We also do not petelechka fled, and we it turns out here such here zagotovochka now we return to our main thread remove the marker and
  • 08:44: and picks up and hook and then we We will have to knit directly here Here is our finger extension this part of it if a the other hand see here the same he is honored, and even we are as follows knit first five columns without sc the creation of the shackle
  • 09:16: then knit 6 polustolbik with sc knit here four 2, we have the following We will knit on and our more Chains we scored another glomerular knit there petelechki pigtails and on the back in the bow like Russians still 2 polustolbika with nakida more knit 4
  • 09:46: column, without sc and We end this row time connection air columns loop does not turn knitting purl series we all knit connection columns to dovyazav the end of a back row We make the air turn loop knitting
  • 10:16: between each extension we Now knit 2 Hem braid it us is 1 and a back face wrong and that is after each we will expand Knit 3 rows connection columns 2 backstitches and one I knit the front three rows connection columns after expandable up to me, we we will make a second this expansion is part
  • 10:46: the upper part fingers side top of this we re-knit 9 connecting 10 connection bars rezinochki second expansion finger and knit similar to this here only do a little more than half columns with one we knit sc 10 connection bars rezinochki mitts and even further extension of the knit 5
  • 11:16: connecting five columns without sc connection column, without sc Further knit 9 floor columns with sc 9 polustolbikov one sc 2 column without sc and two connection columns we made another
  • 11:50: series expansion big finger the next 3 series we knit connection s bar and about not 2 different expansion finger and out column and 3 rows connection columns and now we do another expansion yet the spirit of the side extension of it similarly fit first we have to start knit ten connection bars rezinochki Further knit five
  • 12:20: columns without sc 6 floor with columns sc 4 column without sc tie and 4 column without sc and 3 connection bars and so we knit item more for more We have a large fingers Thumb not darkness here I leave anchoring
  • 12:51: marker to petelechka not He ran away and back to knitting additional thread and we will knit the inside of Mycenae shooting glasses marker and continue to knit additional thread knitting additional thread his conduct in the light of Are you the columns have we repeat
  • 13:21: our knitting our rezinochki to visa attachment points home additional thread we do not knitting turn and We continue to knit on the entire length of our big finger actually knit the inside of thumb Welcome for all length knit up the end of loop knit air and turn knitting and continue knit already
  • 13:52: the personal series that's the way we knit here this here the inside of finger is is knit 5 5 rows of loops not be enough you try try on many how much to series will need to you knit so I Knit two pigtails rezinochki was 4 series connectors ie columns a piece of
  • 14:22: I knit here this here of the inner part in the girls and big finger following the fifth row I'm backing provyazyvayu not to end only house angle fingers to start big finger ie 9 loops large fingers I I do not see and I provyazyvayu Only the lower part and inhale tied
  • 14:54: dovyazav to ugolochke fingers I additional thread crop the and petelechku anchoring to learn the main thread here we make the connection two edges thumb and we will continue knitting Joining minutes connection columns your healing columns we have put together two edges
  • 15:28: big finger feel so and the best connections go on knit for target columns to the end of the series dovyazav knit to end of row air loop turn knitting continue knitting already nothing major
  • 15:58: connection columns in fact we big finger I finished ready a back row here at we get here such Circuits Now we are left with us to relate here this such blank portion thread as I have prepared I knit 5 scars gum
  • 16:28: after much finger that I was 8 series connection columns on I will connect two part of our girls I will connect on wrong side and connect with connection columns in the first about knitted row knit for both bow pigtails last provyazyvaem row We will knit only very distant shackle
  • 16:59: second questionable columns also connect both girls edge can be a needle and thread you choose the way the connection which you prefer I I knit little impulses and on the front
  • 17:29: the side that is the place connection practically imperceptibly second bowl combine in a similar manner or you are running the way that was it so I joined Both edges are girls and I have come here are wonderful warm the shoe nickname wave but exactly the main work of
  • 18:01: rallies ready It made after I hid strings decided little beads my stenochki taken here is such a It has the final appearance know your comments under the video it helps to make channel better not Remember we subscribe waiting for a lot more new and interesting also try experiment and until we meet again