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  • 00:00: Hello dear needlewoman today I imagine your attention relief wheels and just nice this carpet is connected by based on one of napkins known the signature of the designer Christopherson for I took a general basis image wipes but it had with little pokoldovat the number and quality loops so as a string require more careful calculation gentle loops father a paper Nivki that can to steam and thereby relieve small except error
  • 00:30: that in the carpet used more simple elements than napkins and e.g. popcorn fit out three columns instead four not to burdening appearance or peak loop tally of the Russian there are more than a simple quantity loops in the ranks as had a little change to reduce waviness carpet I will not enumerate all made changes as it boring because the overall the external appearance of the carpet this did not I hurt you agree
  • 01:00: this video as opposed to all my previous lessons will not accessible to all but only how to get elected in the number of elected and to access Video for viewing it must be ordered cord for knitting this carpet in my online club to minus dot ru link on the right the upper corner of the video Knitting you will take about 5 skeins of cord
  • 01:31: cord color of your option to order one color or more also to your access to the discretion of video you'll get Immediately after payment orders and until you waiting for your parcel with cord you can already first look steps how to cut the carpet Muscovites course They were more fortunate will be able to start knitting carpet immediately after receiving his order By the way in this video is not It will be no advertising ie you can quietly watch it
  • 02:01: without interruption, and so forward place an order for cord here link actively press