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Partial wedge on openwork

Partial wedge on openwork  See details »

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  • 00:00: Now I will show partial sample Knitting openwork mean score Openwork pattern for take a competitive lead which is sets each machines and start with the opposite side of the carriage about us right we are beginning to left We begin to drop
  • 00:31: loop on the cord cord provyazyvat to-date information it is done little by little 3-4 loops removed accumulate cord Now hold fishnet people hits arch provyazyvaem and again 4
  • 01:06: provyazyvaem on leather cord again we must not interfere cloves on the edges than
  • 01:36: will continue to canvas lengthen the more weights necessary things Again 4 needles provyazyvaem feed and so will repeat order
  • 02:13: to the main part skirt was without violation of the picture there is exhibiting a needle in the rest position on the roots of the cord doing only to hip line from the waist to the line thigh therefore obtained that when the skirt connected not seen the violation pattern is the last time Admit it, we
  • 02:43: hip line mountain series and begins to return in reverse order needles in operation but we are exposed to 4 Now provyazyvali We do to offset holes were smaller 3 put into operation shoot a mournful cord of three loops do not provyazyvaem
  • 03:14: decide sinker of necessity Again openwork carving again put to work now on 4 that is the first time we We put the work on one a needle smaller ions turns and displacement so here
  • 03:45: no large stories and the latest super whether in work Thus, we knit openwork partial wedge knitting then we knit 6 8 rows without partial knitting and openwork and begin fishnet
  • 04:15: wedges re-turns Now even that is seen here here the displacement not pictured and creating the illusion that Figure anywhere else not biased