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  • 00:00: Hello Hello everyone Welcome to the channel the green planet in I want this video tell us about the simple way ripening of tomatoes since it is already autumn 15 September is coming soon frosts very much remains tomatoes unripe form is absolutely green there are such lightly gur and that is if there will be no frost in you lost so they can be minimum to save and receive due to such you dora here such that you need to do
  • 00:31: tear off all the green tomatoes can be taken absolutely green you can take prompted already slightly There is no difference and you need to shift them somewhere five percent 95 should be ripe Ripe tomatoes tomatoes secrete gas ethylene which promotes ripening of green tomatoes that lie around ripe ideal temperature is considered 13-15 degrees Celsius if it's colder
  • 01:02: this ripening will go much slower and possibly decaying that is, take a cellar report to the average temperature 15 your degrees tomatoes ripen It is also considered that in dark tomatoes ripen better in principle, you can ripen and absolutely green tomatoes are not railing alive red but it will last for 35 40 days to all accelerate necessarily shift log in ripe tomatoes
  • 01:32: you can also ripen Tomatoes on a bush having pulled out with roots hanging in the cellar well it's very troublesome takes up a lot of space much easier to just derail the green tomatoes shift them and five percent 95 ripe and one and a half to two you will receive ripe tomatoes the first ripen that larger and those that a little bit less later ripen but all your tomatoes
  • 02:02: absolutely quick well ripens the only thing you need to wash well and periodically revise the husband on ripe tomatoes can be cracks they can bend that is, but from one rotten a tomato can bend all around periodically turn over look and so we preserve most tomatoes that would one hundred percent of you died from such absolutely green as stone of tomatoes
  • 02:33: we get good and ripe tomatoes I took yellow and red there is no difference the main thing that they were ripe until they are not ripe secrete gas like this lie red around his green is all these are the tomatoes without problems will arise and where they should be lie they lie at me in the cellar in cool room in principle, you can put and at home on the kitchen is warm See how you convenient temperature is not affects nothing but the only thing they are not so cellar
  • 03:03: inclined to rotting then is if will be to lie at home is possible where there is damage on tomatoes especially on ripe they can bend here Thus, I review tomatoes which I wish to you, too liked to put thumbs up subscribe to channel on another will be very much interesting to everyone thank you bye