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REAL CAKE PIGEON'S MILK, THE BEST RECIPE! | Irina Belaja  See details »

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  • 00:00: hello and Today we are ready bird's milk this cake gelatin it is usually prepared on agar-agar, but I why something more like gelatin so as it turns out much airier softer and look any porous obtained in a souffle delicious cake I I think that this recipe You'll love
  • 00:30: the way in post-Soviet Times this cake home prepared brewed semolina but I do not I know maybe someone like but since I do not eat I generally semolina this cake is always I make gelatin and beaten egg whites and so let's get started for biscuit us You need a glass flour butter sugar eggs baking powder
  • 01:00: dough and vanilla sugar if you want to to make chocolate Take the cake 50 gram flour and less add 50 grams cocoa and so to begin we need to separate yolks from proteins utensils must be and be sure to dry to do it carefully as we squirrels have beating bird milk we cook of the proteins therefore separate
  • 01:32: yolks from proteins send proteins refrigerator and yolks We will whisk the yolks add the sugar vanilla sugar and whisk up smooth blender or mixer when vzobem yolks sugar add 100 grams of butter oil and also all that whisk in uniform weight egg-oil add flour mixture
  • 02:02: adding baking powder and all it's good mix whisk or electric mixer here is a consistency you should have the dough is not liquid and not thick consistency thick cream veiled form parchment grease vegetable or butter side forms also lubricates and sprinkle lightly Put the flour dough and flatten the whole form
  • 02:33: a thin even layer send it in the oven 17 20 minutes at 200 degree oven must be pre heated and my oven cake baked exactly 12 minutes and you already look at their I pulled it out the oven He stood for 20 minutes cool and now need remove paper and leave it to cool on the grid is such a it is sunny we
  • 03:04: It turned out I was doing like a thin cake I see I cut it will not be if you thick cake Get it need will he really just cool cut lengthwise divided into 2 Korzh but this bird cake milk I always do a thin cake and my cake, he always one I love when More still souffle bird's milk than biscuit and so long cool our cake biscuit we prepare
  • 03:35: you soufflé bird milk for that we need butter gelatin sugar condensed milk vanilla sugar gelatin, we need Soak 100 grams water and leave minutes twenty to it swell what I did it is removed, take butter it should be very soft as you can see so that we can it whip
  • 04:05: whisk cream oil is white hot minutes five to seven mixer or blender then add two to three call 250 grams and condensed milk whisk together with condensed milk whisk gently so that the oil does not separated from milk Oil whipped cream set aside aside take sugar pour a saucepan and here also
  • 04:35: send gelatin gently stir and set on fire Heated to 60 degrees it somewhere about bring to a boil but not any boil circumstances since gelatin boil must not warming over medium heat to sugar He could be dissolved and Now as soon as the go small puzyrechki
  • 05:05: on the edge of dishes means here it will be possible look off that it in no case does not boil gelatin syrup So he warmed up begins to boil and we turn off We leave it to a little cool but this time we vzobom proteins from proteins we should be necessarily from the refrigerator add on the tip Knife citric acid and bring down the first stage at medium speed whipped here in this
  • 05:37: lush lather Now add vanilla sugar and gradually now we will trickle introduce regular sugar whisk on high revs proteins to whisk stable peaks here such should be nosedive Now without stopping whisking add ate cooled syrup trickle
  • 06:07: decelerate We put in the middle and add a few steps oil cream Now take the course he has cooled, I took the I have a little boiled condensed milk that moment when you want, you can but i miss as pigeon's milk very much I like to add here already boiled condensed milk at
  • 06:37: on prescription it is not very subtly lubricating condensed milk completely I cover this cake very tasty especially This cake Now take shape where we are baked and it is already clear completely dry and send cake form and vice versa pour soufflé We send our cake
  • 07:09: refrigerate at least 2 hours as well as better make sure it on the night that he well stiffened and Now we prepare ganache we need 100 black gram 100 grams of chocolate cream of the cream is necessary boil I did it microwave and pour chocolate We are waiting for the chocolate just melted like only chocolate
  • 07:40: we need to be dissolved will add 30 grams of butter oils mass starts darken add butter butter and stir We are waiting for when the oil gat melt cake a refrigerator he had froze eat it you can touch and pour chocolate chocolate to cool down I usually pour it through a sieve to avoid suck grains
  • 08:10: [music] send cake refrigerator to froze our chocolate We reach cake prepared I have it from the refrigerator I DO NOT just sunk the knife He has glowed and his on fire and now here such movements hot knife separate the cake from the forms are now form can be removed
  • 08:40: We try to do it very very carefully carefully shift the cake on dish and you can now decorate it on its discretion [music] and our cake is ready here this beauty we have to you turned tinker with it
  • 09:10: but he did have not heavy preparation so I think that you very quickly it cook and we It left him only try [music] very very gentle and air and here porous souffle it just says that it now pigeon's milk and taste it
  • 09:40: really like Bird's milk as candy bird's milk not rubber It melts in your mouth Try your very like you You will cook it always especially since the cake This is very, very easy and despite the what is there in the recipe written you feel that nothing much sugar like he did I would not sugary He said even at all almost so sweet try my dear subscribe to our
  • 10:11: leave your channel comments you I was white and Irina you good luck and enjoy appetite [music] [music] [applause]
  • 10:47: [music] [applause] [music]