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  • 00:00: okay so here we have a ultramarine blue and a foul a blue with a green bias and so just to give you a quick indication of their biases we'll do as we've done before and just add a little bit of white you so now you can instantly see because
  • 00:32: this has got a green bias to it if we mix it with the red and this undertone of green or act as the reds complement and as we've learned that complementary colors mute each other out so if we have the red and this blue we're not going out to get a really really bright purple because the complementary colors of the green in the red will neutralize each other oh you do
  • 01:08: no no you miles away from here I get out better take a shower you do I still know you well I'm over be sad going back to the old me away what stay in ass when it kind of sucked daddy so you can see the big difference here
  • 01:45: in how bright this one is in comparison to the other blue so as you can see a red based blue mixed with the blue-based pink or blue based red they're always going to mix the brightest purple so the keep three points to remember are one which res you're using to which blue you are using and three how much white you're using because this can alter the hue of your color
  • 02:17: you
  • 02:57: you start see how terrible this is to make a purple like it really really kind
  • 03:28: of nasty color no way your Paris into this real nice brightness that we've got over here so now let's have a look to see if you went in further the wrong way and we're using the the salt follow blue with the green bars with the CAD red so still red bright red still a blue we
  • 04:14: know this and get a really bright blue but it doesn't mean purple when we mix them together in fact is very very close to a gray oh you do don't know you that's miles away from here I get up better take a shower you do
  • 04:45: I still know you well I'm over being sad now going back to the old me away we'll stay in kind of sucked anyway we Terry and me we can listen to it day to remember a fall and please you know me unless many reasons
  • 05:17: everything fell apart so the other way to have a bright purple lizard by premixed purple this is cobalt violet you can start to see when you look into the labeling what is made of so it's got quinacridone which is this color here we've got a zinc white and I dioxide purple as well things he already it's a lot closer if you're trying to make a
  • 05:50: clean purple fish that start but it never did did you think about that lavender did you think about that never bad so this is just with the white you can
  • 06:20: see how it's slightly slightly more vibrant in this one but you know not really it's very very close so do you do I still know you I mean it's got a slight more punch but this is very very place okay this is will Kemp from welcome art school if you click on the link below you can learn more about acrylic painting and my website