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  • 00:00: [music] Hello Friends you still Alexander Smirnov topic today video tutorial for the category tips renovated kitchen mixers so small prehistory just three months ago this mixer was eight years since call setup customers began to cry mixer and He wept when open the faucet joining together
  • 00:30: bend to the body mixer which has assumption is which cartridge controlled and a second handle some pads inside the mixer Import more expensive there are times you It happened some trouble with some sanitary device you are calling plumbing from management company Not every plumber advises that it is necessary to do the most simple Council will buy This new repair is not subject to already decided to buy new mixer
  • 01:01: approached me issue, help alexander pick suitable well new mixer mixer worth about 6 7 thousand well with you buy 8 here let try may be anything We dispense small blood and so I came the first thing I did with help allen unscrewed the screw securing the handle cartridge Catridge visually like all normally do not climb to further remove spout for that remove the spout viewed it is fixed unscrew the screw but natural water we
  • 01:31: blocked, we do not know what's inside and therefore very attentively we carefully Now remove the spout look what there details that have reverse it Now you can all set the start halo reach to bring back but even showering terrible for that we there is always a napkin we see it plastic wear detalyushki metal Parts we do not see We look into mixer to start remove excess water look there laying will overcome them
  • 02:02: laying here it but this is a realized gasket new stands and the beginning was here this gasket so you can pay attention to left my hand rubber O Ring call it like a little larger diameter and that the thickness It occurred in eight years, as long as we one mixer turned hot water and all the case did their business and laying we become less Depreciation and respectively through
  • 02:32: it flowed Vodicka It is making it simple Russian citizen going to the store with this gasket if it certainly succeeded reach her travels in store Sanitary goods ask I need the same little thing he certainly courtesy of the seller and provide the same Thing but what nuance So I bought a Repair package package various spacers in I do not believe it no gasket which will allow collect mixer
  • 03:02: fix this I leak in one I went to the store nothing else suitable did not find naturally I am a to take on the spout place to try gasket find I went right I was already familiar in score rubber where products are sold Moscow benzo oil resistant you're already in the ring several rollers We see where and fasten fan, etc. Others in the same store bought 9 rubles sealing
  • 03:32: Oil and petrol resistant ring which clearly suited to seat of the spout continue what we are doing take this ring We put on staffing place and collect important thing is not the mixer forget it we was see here a lot of channels on the vtulochki why I say that when We take out look like it is located in groove need for to the stop screw I got to the right place collect mixer to secure the spout regular place opened
  • 04:02: gates that under the sink Cold valve and hot water dress but the handle is not attached until we have check turn to side of the hot water so we see no water It flows from the space attachment if you mixer body it now remains stake soon we will have disassembled wash the mixer and installed on staffing a place handle the issue price repair 9 rubles financial costs and as you see I
  • 04:32: I did not have much body movements Mixer not ready you have to buy a new 6000 of course you You are right saying not every Mixer can be so repair the always worth a little bit think before buy on the network 8 It may be subject repair your pet that's all with you as ever was Alexander Smolin subscribe to my channel [music]