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Non-standard use of a laundry soap \/ All for the woman  See details »

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  • 00:00: Hello everyone today I Liquid will do cleanser I have dishwashing shows how preparing cleaning facilities Universal but I it and all my dishes I have it stored We asked you Keep it means Now it looks like who do not know is stored baits in here The containers are placed cover with lid not to wither and standing beside the sink because I they constantly I use but now I decided to make a liquid
  • 00:30: because I, too, wrote try make liquid retseptik means girls gave comments on this do then who the ingredients are simple and but all of laundry soap everywhere present in me because it still positive means we must then 25 grams laundry soap Well, where something like this about there from 100 gram pack bathed check somewhere so then tablespoon
  • 01:00: ordinary vodka and 4 tablespoons glycerol and half liter water and process all preparation means That's what I rub on Now this fine grater remnant of a cake of soap So I soap I was placed in a liter jar pour a little hot water almost almost cyber unit slightly so that it here a fork and a little
  • 01:30: to the soap pieces and can be know put on water bath slightly stirring up meltdown completely soap boiled water just I do not have a crockery aluminum or do not know how that is in the water bath here I Adapted from Bakr I warmed to not burst suddenly
  • 02:00: someone wants to do and crockery is not there as a suitable body to stir up complete dissolution soap Well, I think the percentage of short minute spatula will so I had melted I add here half a liter of hot water me here straight kettles half a liter on mark I add it all this here dissolved
  • 02:39: blend until uniform Soap is already fully I have dissolved water the whole of Egypt is using both single armor to see as you can see in full All dissolved all pieces of soap turn off gas I pull out the jar and cools all let melts and cools
  • 03:09: naturally so well, here's a look I fully Now this mixture is cooled We get such such as the density would then take the gel spoon a tablespoon of vodka add cold means the dining room spoon of vodka and 4 tablespoons glycerol but I probably here as a just be 4 tablespoons It may even be less than 2
  • 03:41: 4 should be well let requires so I get glycerin Street it is as if it is too added to all in detergent is dry skin Well, if I have a 2 + 2 but 4 tablespoons chicken so Now Stir add and I pour in here is here
  • 04:11: bottle too out of hand detergent crockery oh now I'm in total his fractured right turns 500 milliliters and be try to wash it means the dishes I here specifically mountain specially stick I did not immediately wash try generally try and tell me how it is like there is no
  • 04:41: it for washing utensils must be convenient because it only as a liquid gel forget it, nothing and then all the terrible I tell Well, I washed the dishes This means that I have much to say Of course the fat dishes were not greasy but here is a video on a zhidenkoe enough even I can here and so
  • 05:11: brush on it It looks here dripped Well consumption probably It is a bit like Dad often because it means not so much foam but the dishes I have not always stretched wipes Milan creaks and degreasing good normally I I loved so I think that the cost if that's such a slice and vastu
  • 05:41: Gromov can do it turns out 2 liters ie four bottles like these 500 milliliters so that is for dishes do not wash for cleaning there some severe fatty surfaces pollution is because at foams and no such as the effect of soda degreasing and well Here's an example sink it shines straight
  • 06:11: This effect can be glycerol such close out well duty so that if you want to try try to Here is a variety of namely liquid means and it is very well squeezed from the vial, and all but ash cleaners I mean that's it that writing well here Now experiment this nomalno I liked it so what you can do savings significant at all This bye bye