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  • 00:00: Hello, hello to you channel and today we will make an original flower by technique modular origami this flower is very It is easy to perform and so it will work for beginners for you will need this 5 square sheets you can cut them out yourself manually or use paper for notes and so on let's get our
  • 00:31: sheet of paper and arrange it with a rhombus then bend over in half now take the bottom angle of the triangle and raise it to the vertex of the triangle also take the left angle now this one we will turn the leaves away here to the line this was combined with bottom line this petal we deploy and connect this line with
  • 01:03: this you should you get this the detail is now taken the left side of our details and bend and here it is here at We should get also a straight line take in our hands detail and and this one petal we'll wrap it here inside a little bit straighten out take these two leaves of the paper that we have here and put them inside
  • 01:33: of our petal ok now take scissors that's how their here we enter inside and this corner which we had a little bit like this smooth out at the take scissors will form our petal so that he was like this rovnenkie and beautiful now we need make 4 more of the same so in the end we have five the petals we made five such petals
  • 02:03: now to us will need double-sided adhesive tape and scissors cut off a small piece of scotch take one of our petal and here neatly glue it then neatly remove the top layer paper take one more our leaf and so on neatly connect them between a well, we still stayed with this hand Scotch we take more one leaf and merge again cut some more
  • 02:33: Scotch tape is now glued on its like this one more little piece we will stick it to the side with their top layer and neatly glued [music] it remains to paste He is also the last petals here we have of two parties Scotch tape now we'll connect it well petals with each other this original a flower with us today turned out now do for
  • 03:03: his degree take the green leaf paper and cut out of strip about 2 centimeters wide we cut out a strip now it is necessary to fold twice as much unfold and fold side to the central stripe [music] turn over and accurately also then good fix and fold
  • 03:34: one more time [music] take the glue with grease our strip will be glued there are two halves so that our strip was more voluminous can be combined and yet once in half but no longer adhere [music] now our strip
  • 04:07: more voluminous take from the marvel tip [music] cleaning paper take our flower neatly a day to them inside I fix our flower completely ready to do several of the same colors form from them bouquets to put a vase with such a bouquet you can give mom to her sister girlfriend or teacher at school and
  • 04:37: will be very nice receive such a spring bright gift also through such modular colors you can make a step which is called kusudama as I will show it in next video subscribe to my channel in order not to skip the put and write in the comments did you like this flower did you do it before meetings so far