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KARPATKA pie the Polish cake - Custard Pie Karpatka KARPATKA - Bánh Su Kem Khổng L ồ hybrid desserts the Hybrid New Dessert pastries. How to make Karpatk's Pie very simple recipe with custard paste and a tasty vanilla custard of How to make #CUSTAR...  See details »

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  • 00:00: Hello everyone today We prepare a very simple very tasty Polish cake or Karpatka this cake cake called Karpatka because relief that he cake is very recalls Carpathian mountains look how it is beautiful now I try our
  • 00:30: wonderful cake see what it tender it's just not express in words as it is delicious This cake is very similar a large profiterole delicious and sweet vanilla custard and very a delicious choux
  • 01:00: dough necessarily prepare a He cake you exactly like and so for to cook this amazingly delicious pie or cake Karpatka me need for choux pastry 100 100 milliliters of water 140 milliliters of milk grams of flour 4 eggs 80 grams of butter oils polchaynoy salt spoons as well as optional
  • 01:31: I have here almond plate 15 grams and custard me need 600 milliliters of milk 150 grams sugar 60 grams corn starch 2 eggs 6 grams of vanilla and 200 grams of butter oils prepare choux I sauté pan dough sending water oil milk
  • 02:04: salt and this mixture I need boil in this time I was in Russia I always flour sifting for all products if they out very nice and lush When the mixture boiled I will pour it once all the flour Choux pastry is better all brewed at
  • 02:34: a wooden blade or spoon them very comfortably kneading the dough vigorously all horoshenechko we connect knead and brew the dough It should connect to one a ball and formed light plaque on the walls pots only we have a good test brew and will done very well and
  • 03:04: vigorously all stir look at my the walls of the pan formed here such easy touch and dough united in one ball This means that the flour well connected liquid test me good brew turn off the fire test I I shift in
  • 03:35: a bowl and a bit of its lift a cutting went to excess steam and a little dough cooled as now the dough we add egg batter should not be too hot that the eggs are not curled up so a little bit the dough should cool down about Temperature 70 80 degrees and so when I already dough
  • 04:06: I cooled down a little bit on one will add He and eggs horoshenechko knead and only After you Russians involved one egg You can add the following well to knead mass became uniform and Again, I repeat it is best making wooden spoon or spatula and do not use otherwise the dough whisk just get stuck in You pancakes and it it will be very inconvenient
  • 04:36: add the following egg We repeat the same procedure horoshenechko knead and so add all your eggs in on my channel
  • 05:10: quite a bit of custard recipes test I really love to These products work from he gets very tasty and you can see such Products like Jap Chura Custard test profiterole cake Lady fingers it is in fact a very simple test make it very I easily add the last egg and I have stirred the dough I have done here
  • 05:46: a dough turns out she almost thicker than profiteroles choux dough I have to bake 2 patty cakes I bake Form Form I have a diameter of 24 centimeters but I carpeted parchment paper and here I spread about
  • 06:16: test test half We distribute in form oven I put warm up during temperature 200 when degrees distribute the dough do not try it align must be These are irregularities dough zapechetsya it is so different bizarre forms and so the cake and It called Karpatka
  • 06:47: he looks like Carpathian mountains You can even add some such irregularities merely touching a spoon and making such test here's the test I vershinki distributed and only 1 cake I strew almond almond flakes records this will I
  • 07:17: Top the cake so that it It was a beautiful I want add this additive is from almond plates just in a chaotic I order almonds unroasted it is just when the skin will bake fry in the oven and the first cake post in the oven at temperature 200 degrees around 25-30 minutes until baked my first cake I
  • 07:50: I prepare custard cream, I am taking Milk pour in I leave a saucepan about 150 I put millimeters it on fire milk it is necessary to bring to at the time of boiling take eggs add sugar vanilla
  • 08:21: I have here six grams of vanilla horoshenechko mix whisk is now here Also in this mixture I adding starch and all too well I stirred not to lumps I deliberately left
  • 08:56: a little milk to it easier stir than better you stir the more beautiful and will smooth cream I add here remaining milk when mixing I boiled milk the milk is poured into eggs and starch
  • 09:26: good intensity stirred add somewhere half hot milk and return pan back to the fire, and all the resulting mass I pour back into milk and all the time stir the and now our custard
  • 09:56: cook until the cream moment until he boils and well thickens the main thing Stir from time me on the channel you can find very many other interesting recipes creams including for Varna not just vanilla custard followed in custard on yolks or tea Earl Gray delicious cream look so fast starts
  • 10:27: thicken the cream is now Stir all the time you can also make a custard Chocolate is also very tasty I I had boiled cream I turn off all the same a little stir the stuck at another saucepan hot look how silky beautiful
  • 10:57: cream and turned delicious smells vanilla close cling film Cream directly in contact with the cream to avoid formed crust and completely its cool my first cake is ready now we need to score gently get out form and put cool
  • 11:27: I rented on the grill look how interesting cake of choux pastry obtained from any It has beautiful reliefs Just peaks and it is very beautiful look nuts almond plate above and immediately in this form and a second written cake just only the second cake I already sprinkle nuts pour dough and distribute all that I
  • 11:57: distributed the second part of the test also made spoon such vershinki to my It turned out beautifully and I post pay approximately oven 25-30 minutes I by the way, and the first cake shop in 25 minutes also refer to its my oven second cake too he also baked was very bizarre I like this the cake is the fact that every time it turns
  • 12:27: new is the other second cake I too and to deliver the desired cool I just left finish and cream assemble cake cake I will play in the same in feed I Bake cakes here such sheets of folders then to the cake removing from the mold if you have special film herd you can take her and I finish
  • 12:57: cooking cream cream can begin finish only then when you totally cool custard Now take butter room mild temperature and prashechka his vzobem good to lush masses oil repulsed for about three to five minutes before this is already white lush mass and
  • 13:27: It happened and now here I am a little add custard cream You can not add but once a a little and rewrites it if you add on a little bit You get a very nice lush cream and so gradually I I add all
  • 13:58: custard oil I stirred, and so I already shuffled all Cream see how cream turned out tender structure very tasty incredibly Now We collect our cake look at what interesting cakes obtained some beautiful structure interesting I spread bottom cake which have I go without almond flakes down and sprinkle
  • 14:30: full cream gently distribute very gentle cream very tasty I even layer I distribute all cream and I'm on top of covering second Korzh powerfully
  • 15:03: my cake was in refrigerator three o'clock Now we will open it and see what it happened neatly shooting look it's just wonderful how easy Make this cake cake and a
  • 15:33: effective it we today We cut our chic cake and see that we turned gently pull out look like this
  • 16:07: great now I try our wonderful cake look how gentle and so try it's just not express in words as it is delicious it resembles a cake
  • 16:37: just ice cream very tasty and very gentle necessarily prepare a cake it is you exactly like I wish all pleasant appetite place huskies subscribe on my channel leave your comments and Remember to share with friends