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  • 00:00: [music] hello friends in I will show this video how i believe band monolithic foundation initially Under my house I'm calculating did not take it by sight but you do not recommend it so do first believe then build for calculation we need a foundation House project that is, we need know the height dimensions wall materials and overlapping
  • 00:30: roof look further ground floor plan looking for the loaded wall walls are two species are self-supporting which only their own weight we in calculating we will not carry walls for which overlapping my beam case overlapping are located here so way on this here these four walls
  • 01:00: will and this part house one-storey annex I in calculation is not I will be like me there is a two-storey house therefore it is clear that walls of the house will be carry a large load than walls extensions and so on I was left with these three walls like correctly central wall the most loaded because the area support on it the most
  • 01:30: big now i I will draw and I'll show you everything was clear and so here I am red showed area of ​​support on
  • 02:00: inner wall a green area support on the outside wall as seen area of support on inner wall in two times more than area of ​​support on outer wall so this one inner wall will be the loaded after how did we find the most loaded The wall we need to find the most loaded part of this wall 1 meter long for
  • 02:30: this must be compared plans for all floors and see where is more everything will be loaded my case I'm here comparing the plan attic and plan 1 floor I see my case here this part of the wall will be most loaded here there is though partitions but here many openings therefore this part will not be the most loaded
  • 03:01: now I will show it on drawing these are the friends of me
  • 03:35: drew rectangle is the area from which will be the maximum foundation load and on the basis of it We need to know this its area you bills pretty it's just half this is the opening here the line is half aperture outside the span half- span here too half span and plus wall [music]
  • 04:07: in my case this is it turns out 285 2 meters 85 centimeters here this size is 1 meter Further all calculations
  • 04:42: we will do proceeding of this area imagine friends that we cut out a piece houses in this area so rectangle from the roof to the ground and we get such table and building structures from which we must calculate Calculations begin with foundation
  • 05:13: I already know the length of the tape is one meter depth bedding also known if it's classic foundation to depth ground freezing laid over if this shallow foundation for us too it is known which depth we will have it pawn the only thing that we unknown this width tapes actual calculation all this calculation boils down to find out this width foundation ribbon on
  • 05:43: calculation stage, we accept it arbitrarily but not less than the thickness The walls are better the better I am at his example took thickness of 400 mm and so that calculate weight no need for a foundation 0 4 meter multiply by 1 meter and Multiply My Case zero seventy-two meter is the depth
  • 06:13: occurrence my foundation and so we can multiplied by 4 we obtain 0 integers two hundred eighty eight and now it's I multiply the number by weight concrete and so and 2000 if foundation is formed by steel
  • 06:43: reinforcement then you need multiply by 2500 my case this fiberglass armature therefore I multiply by 2000 and this is the number I multiply by another coefficient reliability of load patina jagel so much weight The foundation is ready cut me is obtained 634 kilograms here's the
  • 07:16: the principle of all I'm building now I'll make a sign where will be the calculation of all constructions foundation to the roof and so friends i did calculation of the table view once again want repeat as I did calculation, I find the volume construction and multiply by volume weight also multiply by another
  • 07:46: coefficient reliability of load We know the size and watch the project volumetric weight look Internet coefficient depend on volumetric weight if Bulk weight more thousands of 600 kilograms the one and one if from 200 up to 1600 1 and 2 if less than 200 kilograms 1 and 3 also all constructions from concrete made on the object
  • 08:16: is adopted with odds 1 and 3 lifting me in calculation such value as 285 meters square this is the area of this rectangle cover over the first on the floor I considered earlier so I just took it. value with a cat calculation therefore this topic I have a video on the channel attic floor
  • 08:48: I did not consider and simply took half value with overlap ground floor snow and wind load I was taking from normative document loads and this is the old version needs watch new ones there values ​​a little differ and as a result of I got the weight under the sole foundation length 1
  • 09:18: meter and width 0 4 meters three thousand six hundred and ninety two kilograms now we need learn the pressure on primer under the sole the foundation for this this is the calculated the value that we you felt you needed divided by area base soles which we accepted in counting in my case it could 4 at 1 meter that is area
  • 09:48: 0 4 square meters the result of me it turned out 9230 kilogram per meter square but this value is needed translate into kilograms per centimeter square for this you need divided by 10 thousand and so i got it this is the number now it's needed compare with the estimated resistance according to the snippet and base of the building and
  • 10:18: structures see the table here there are calculated resistance of different youtube my case this loams and with these values ​​for all I take most on and less then there are the worst value why the worst Because I do not know just like what I have there resistance soil and therefore take bottom and worst if there is engineering geological
  • 10:48: the survey indicated there and estimated earth resistance so you can take rapido so my case this is 1 kilogram per centimeter square and I compare with calculation of which have I got it value with a snap should be greater than Estimated if this is the condition is satisfied then means the carrier
  • 11:18: soil capacity under the foundation good and foundation at home withstands all loads what to do if the estimated value in our country is greater than normative we need increase width base of foundation that is, this is my I took the calculation 0 4 the meter should be taken there
  • 11:48: 045 world 5 so far while the estimated value is not it will be less normative repeat the miscalculation enlarge here recalculate up to as long as value is not diminish I will remind that it was simple settlement basement on a carrier abilities
  • 12:18: all these files are you can download a this video is this autocad program which I did here these drawings file too will be under this video at this perhaps all thank you all for attention to new video subscribe to my channel