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Sieve pie Soft and Creamy (as Tiramisu) ✧ Poke Cake Remarkable Sieve pie. Try to prepare! The recipe is lower. For the test: 160 g of flour of 120 g of sugar of 2 average eggs of 25 g of cocoa powder of 125 ml of milk of 125 ml...  See details »



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  • 00:00: Good day! Welcome to my channel! Today I'm going to make a cake which is called "Poke" cake.
  • 00:31: The cake is very tender the consistency is like Tiramisu it has a lot of cream the cream is light and airy, tastes like ice-cream It's easy to make as well Let's get started
  • 01:02: For the cake we'll need 160 g of all-purpose flour 120 g of sugar 2 middle-sized eggs 25 g of cocoa powder 125 ml of milk 125 ml of vegetable oil 8 g of baking powder 8 g of vanilla sugar
  • 01:32: and a pinch of salt to the flour add the salt, the baking powder and the cocoa mix it all well then sift beat the eggs add the vanilla sugar then gradually add the sugar and whip it till light and airy
  • 02:04: gradually add the oil which must be flavourless and tasteless then gradually add the milk usually I warm up my milk till it slightly warm mix it with a mixer for another 3-4 min
  • 02:34: and add the dry ingredients I will sift it one more time mix in the dry as fast as possible because there's the baking powder, and once it's in something wet, it starts to work and we want the baking powder to work while the cake is baking firstly I mix with a spatula
  • 03:05: and in the end I briefly mix the batter with a mixer till smooth the batter is runny pour the batter into a lined with parchment paper baking tray My tray is 23x32 cm even it out bake in a 180 degree Celsius oven
  • 03:35: for 20-25 min check the level of readiness with a gentle press on the centre your finger shouldn't sink or with a help of a toothpick it should be clean without any batter on it put the cake on a cooling rack and let it cool completely for the cream we'll need 250 ml of heavy whipping cream
  • 04:06: 500 ml of milk 120 g of sugar 2 eggs 50 g of butter 50 g of flour or starch, 20 g of icing sugar or to taste and 8 g of vanilla sugar add a half of all the sugar to the flour mix beat the eggs it would be perfect to use egg yolks instead of the whole eggs
  • 04:38: in this case you're to use 4 egg yolks by using yolks only, you'll make the cream more tender add the flour and the sugar and mix till smooth if the mixture is too thick, you can add a little bit of milk use the milk from the general amount of milk pour the rest of the milk into a casserole add in the vanilla sugar
  • 05:09: the rest of the sugar and bring it to a boil and dissolve the sugar as well add the hot milk to the egg mixture little my little add about a half of the milk then little by little add the egg mixture to the milk mixture
  • 05:40: constantly stiring put it on a stove and boil till thickens once thickened, boil for 1-2 min to cook the flour or starch remove from the heat and pour it into a separate bowl to prevent it from further cooking add the butter to the hot custard
  • 06:13: and stir till the butter is dissolved cover the cream with some plastic wrap put the wrap right onto the surface and let it cool completely to room temperature make holes in the cooled cake
  • 06:43: use anything that you're comfortable to work with once the custard is fully cooled we'll continue on making the cream put the heavy whipping cream out of the fridge only fat and cold cream can be whipped up so keep it in the fridge till you need it
  • 07:13: add the icing sugar and whip till stiff peaks form but don't overwhip the cream they should remain soft and then gently fold the whipped cream into the custard I'll be mixing with a spatula you can use a mixer but mix gently, on low speed
  • 07:44: the cream is very light it tastes like ice-cream to me and there's a lot of cream so keep it in mind and make as much or as little as you want. you can cut the amount of cream in half or in a quater: in this case you'll need 1 egg and 1 egg yolk
  • 08:16: and multiply the amount of the other ingredients by 0.75 i.e. reduce in quater I will put some cream into a piping bag and fill the holes with the cream in the original recipe, dry pudding is used if you have one, you can use it by dissolving in warm milk
  • 08:46: everything is written in the instruction of pudding then mix the pudding with some whipped cream spread the rest of the cream on top the original recipe says to use some whipped cream on top of the cream and then whipped cream is sprinkled with crumbles sprinkle the top with the crumbles the crumbles are the pieces of the cake which we were making holes in
  • 09:17: put the cake into the fridge for several hours the cake is very tasty very tender to me, it's like Tiramisu in texture Have a nice meal! Thanks for watching!
  • 09:49: Bye!